A Quartet of NAB Experiences

A few unique NAB goings-on you MUST experience for yourself!

1 – Post-Production World Conferences

The Post Production World Conferences are going to be a Content Creators paradise. This event lasts From April 16th to the 20th, with 148 classes/seminars/speeches occurring in these five days. Training will be in a variety of subjects, with a little something for almost every creative soul. Future Media Concepts will partner with NAB to bring you a broad range of choices on subjects that will help to enhance your workflows, knowledge, and get you up to date on all the latest trends.  Take an in-depth look at some of the newest post-production technologies here and perhaps attend a few of their five specialized workshops and/or several general classes.

logo-ppwnew-600Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X are just a few of the operating platforms that will have an advanced training & certification prep minded approach.  Starting this year, a new program to help graduating students to “learn their way around in the industry” has begun.

P/PW is a world-renowned trainer in the industry – content creators of all stripes can learn something here.  Some notable keynote speeches and speakers in the program this year are:

Robert Legato, an Academy Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor (for Titanic and Hugo) is on hand to discuss DIY Post Production: How to Create Advantages and Maintain Creative Control Using the Tools at Your Disposal (N249 Sun 10AM). This seminar helps you bring to life the do-it-yourself creative process along with helpful tips to generate advantage and keep things under control.  Examples of DIY workflows will be given. Mr. Legato will provide real world examples based on his work for this keynote.

Film directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, Editor Jan Kovac, along with his assistant Kevin Bailey, will be around for a lively discussion of The Making of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (N249 Sun 11:05AM). Their extensive use of Final Cut PRO X during this process will be thoroughly covered.

Adobe after Effects for Video Editors sessions occur on the 16th through the 18th; Mastering the Timeline: Color Correction and Grading is April 19th; and Mastering the Timeline: Audio-finishing Techniques for Editors is April 20th. A full Hands-on Pass is also an available option. Last year’s drone training classes were conducted on a couple of all-day field trips to the Ghost Town of Nelson Nevada just outside Vegas and were such a rousing success that they’re back this year for an encore!  The Beginners class is on the 16th and the advanced class is on the 17th.  This isn’t all The Post-Production World Conference has to offer either. Check it out!

I needed a break… what did I need to go along with my break? Hmmm…

2 – The White Chocolate Mocha

As I was strolling down the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center last year with a copy of that day’s Las Vegas Review-Journal under my arm, wistfully dreaming that NAB Show was happening right now instead of some day down the road, the most wonderful smell wafted down the hall and caressed my nose. My eyebrows popped right up! What was that wonderful smell? I drifted down the hall like a love-smitten cartoon character following a perfume trail. Where had my nose led me? Starbucks! I was right on time for an early brunch… sweet!

My mouth started to water as I speed-read the menu… everything looked so good!  Another customerStarbucks walked past me with a large cup that smelled absolutely divine.

“What’s that?” I asked eagerly. The woman carrying it pulled it closer and hunched protectively over it.

“It’s MY White Chocolate Mocha,” She answered possessively as she scurried out. White Chocolate Mocha? Perfect! I glanced at the menu one last time and made my final selections.

I had some time, so I took my order to the first open table I found. I laid out my table: White Chocolate Mocha, Double-smoked Bacon Cheddar and Egg Sandwich, and my copy of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I took my first sip. Oh… My… God. It was Heaven! Sweet, Rich, and Subtle. The sandwich complemented the beverage perfectly. Swing-through here and try it at the NAB show this year!

3 – Advanced Advertising Theater

Advanced-Advertising-Theater-NEW_0The North hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center is going to have a lot going on this April at NAB Show. One of the new attractions is The Advanced Advertising Theater – its sole purpose is to help content creators achieve the best results with monetization of their products. New targeted technologies operating across multiple platforms will enable Radio Stations, Digital Publishers and Broadcasters of all styles maximize profitably. Get the most efficient use from your content!

4 – Start-up Loft

The Start-up Loft continues to be a big hit at NAB Show – hosting emerging companies in NAB_Start-Up Logo_P5entertainment, media, and technology. The Loft trains a spotlight of industry attention on these new companies/products. If it’s innovative and new (or even tried and true), then NAB has it for you! An up and coming start-up can get its fifteen minutes of fame or moment in the sun right here at NAB Show. Leading-edge tech drives and supports emerging trends. Remember: Microsoft was once a start-up, too, and who’s to say what jewel of technology may appear here that might not have had a chance otherwise. If you think your product or service might have what it takes, contact NAB – you just might have something to discuss.  Start-ups have unique needs, and often bring us unique products.

Just a few more reflections of NAB Show and my continuing experiences with this ever-growing yearly event that ties so much of the media industries together!  Let’s hope I see you, maybe enjoying a White Chocolate Mocha… Mmmm…

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