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A2v consulting group Donates Laptops to One Family Los Angeles and Parent Revolution


San Antonio, Texas (Jan. 25, 2021) A2v consulting group — an experienced integrator of high-quality audio, acoustics, visual design and control systems — announces its support of One Family Los Angeles, a group of more than 20 community organizations designed to support low-income and immigrant families in LA, and Parent Revolution, a founding organization of One Family Los Angeles. A2v consulting group donated 50 laptops and eight desktop computers to support more than 50 families in the Los Angeles area experiencing a digital divide.

Because of COVID-19, LA area schools transitioned to remote learning; as a result, LA’s low-income and immigrant families became disproportionately impacted. A2v consulting group’s donations will support students unable to attend school with laptops and support LA Promise by providing an in-person facility for students without access to technology to connect to a desktop computer. A2v consulting group strives to fuel kids’ passions and desires in LA to achieve their dreams.

“The donation of devices from a2v consulting group helped bridge the digital divide for low incomes families in Los Angeles,” said Mehul Patel, organizing director for Parent Revolution. “Struggling with many other issues and challenges, these laptops were able to provide a hub for learning for students that normally don’t have access to the technology or the resources to provide this technology. Students were able to attend school on time and get connected on-time without having to wait for a device from their district or school.”

“Thanks to a laptop donation from a2v consulting group and One Family Los Angeles, my children were able to stay on top of their learning and attend school virtually during the pandemic,” said Francisca Sorto, a resident of the City of Cudahy. “We only received one device from the school, so to have another device so both my children can connect is amazing. Thanks to you, my children will be able to excel in their education and continue to dream for a better future.”

More than 20 community organizations, including Parent Revolution, launched One Family Los Angeles in March 2020. One Family Los Angeles is designed to provide direct financial assistance for basic necessities, such as food, rent and medical expenses, to those who don’t have access to federal funding but have experienced financial hardships due to COVID-19. In addition to a2v consulting group’s donation, other organizations contributed headphones, school supplies and other necessities to enable students to continue their education through remote learning. To learn more about One Family Los Angeles, please visit www.onefamilyla.com/about.

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