Artist Connection Streaming Platform Enables Music Venues to Monetize Premium Live Streams That Marry Immersive Audio and High-Resolution Video for the Ultimate Audience Experience

Artist Connection gives music venues the ability to create premium streaming content that, for the first time ever, marries multichannel immersive audio and high-resolution video to deliver the ultimate experience for discerning fans. Additionally, the platform’s built-in e-commerce capabilities allow venues—from small clubs to concert halls to houses of worship and beyond—to turn a profit on streamed events and subscriptions.

Many venues have tried streaming live on social media platforms like FaceBook or YouTube. However, these platforms don’t provide the proper infrastructure to monetize streams. Those who have tried and failed at streaming are left with expensive recording equipment and no way to make money. Artist Connection changes that by allowing venues to not only monetize their streaming services but differentiate with higher quality streaming.

“Our goal is simple. We want to help venues please patrons while allowing them to be more profitable,” says Jonathan Reichbach, founder of Artist Connection. “For streaming live music events and post-event on-demand use, Artist Connection delivers something truly unique—a more realistic and high-performance viewing experience that puts the audience front and center at the venue, no matter where they are watching, while giving venues an alternative revenue stream made easy via our built-in e-commerce back end.”

To use Artist Connection, music venue and club managers simply create a ‘Studio’ on the Artist Connection platform. From there, they can stream content with Artist Connection’s unmatched premium audio/video streaming capabilities, including high-res video and high-res stereo audio or immersive audio, such as Apple Spatial and Sony 360RA. Venues can charge customers for their premium content using Artist Connection’s built-in e-commerce capabilities, including features like ticket sales and QR code generation. All the patron needs to do is download the Artist Connection app to enjoy the venue’s content. In addition, Artist Connection offers top-notch service and support to help ensure live stream events happen smoothly and simply, attracting and retaining a bigger audience, delighting fans, and boosting profits.

In addition to live streams, music venues can also use Artist Connection as a subscription service to deliver their unique on-demand content libraries and live-streamed events to fans on an ongoing basis. Users simply pay a monthly fee determined by the venue to access previously recorded and live content, giving venues a source of recurring monthly revenue. This game changer allows users to differentiate their offerings and capitalize on an alternative revenue source while providing a valuable new service for fans and customers.

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About Artist Connection

Artist Connection is owned by California-based Streamsoft Inc. The company’s goal is to enable content creators, production teams, and fans to gain access to the rising wave of high-quality channel-based and immersive audio content. Streamsoft’s Artist Connection cloud software platform offers highly secure, dedicated white-box streaming services for content creators, studios, and their production teams. With a home office in Sonoma County, CA, and offices in Europe and Asia, Streamsoft is also a custom developer of advanced DSP for audio processing and specialized media libraries for immersive formats including Sony Corporation’s Sony 360 Reality Audio and more.

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