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BARCO’s Industry-Leading Projectors

Since Barco NV’s finding back in 1934, the Belgian technology company has specialized in manufacturing digital projection and imaging tech for a wide variety of markets. The three target markets the company focuses on are the entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare industries. With regards to the entertainment sector, Barco provides technologically innovative projectors.
Barco’s Projectors
Barco offers projection technology for a wide variety of markets and their projector product line includes selections  such as:


Cinema Projectors


Barco’s selection of cinema projectors includes DCI-compliant laser and lamp-based cinema projectors, which offer a perfect balance between image quality and cost efficiency for any and all possible cinema screens. These projectors are perfect for users looking to make movie magic come to life.

Several of Barco’s additional Cinema projectors include:


Home Cinema Projectors


Barco’s Home Cinema Projectors are specifically designed for the movie aficionado. Anyone craving the most delicate motion picture reproduction will have the best at-home experience cinema experience, both in terms of image quality and exclusivity. Barco Residential provides the world’s best projectors for the finest home theaters and media rooms.

Barco takes immense pride in the making of their Home Cinema projectors, which are built on the company’s acclaimed postproduction and digital cinema projection technology. Barco Residential draws on the experience of movie professionals and cinematographers. The Home Cinema projectors provide a flawless representation of every minute detail and a life-like portrayal of colors. There is no better way for movie connoisseurs to experience the highest level of performance than by employing the same technology to project a film that moviemakers use when making a film. This is all thanks to Barco Residential, which offers a range of Home Cinema projectors such as:


  • The Theater series: The theater series is tailored to dedicated theater rooms or controlled light environments. For the cinephile who appreciates accurate images and consistent Rec. 709 color performance, these are the perfect projectors.


  • The Media room series: The Media room offers a substantial increase in brightness and it delivers excellent image quality in adverse lighting conditions. This series is perfect for rooms where fun and entertainment are the order of the day, and they’ve been optimized for environments with greater ambient light.


  • The Cinema at home series: Built with the best professional cinema technologies, these projectors have been exclusively enhanced for the home environment. The choice of film professionals, these projectors epitomize everything Barco Residential stands for in providing the ultimate expression of their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and image quality.


Installation Projectors


When it comes to flexibility and choice, Barco’s portfolio of installation projectors provide a robust framework for all types of setups, be it small or large. Barco’s installation projectors are the perfect contenders in the entertainment market as they offer a variety of configurations, sizes, and weight.

When it comes to Barco’s installation projectors, customers can choose reliable and future-proof illumination technology that ranges in power from 7K up to a massive 75K. This allows for them to have the exact resolution needed with superb quality and precision. The installation projectors are incredibly flexible, user-friendly, and built to last.

Another feature of the installation projectors is that they offer low projector noise. The remarkable silence of Barco’s laser phosphor projectors ensures a user’s message gets through loud and clear every time. This can range anywhere from a corporate setting, theme park, university or a cultural venue, which is a nice trade-off from the more annoying distraction most users are made to deal with when using buzzing projectors.


Postproduction Projectors


High-quality performance is the foundation behind Barco’s postproduction projectors like the DP4K-P (4K digital postproduction projector). The postproduction projectors are specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of the postproduction industry. They come with a dedicated version of the Barco Communicator software, which is tuned for the postproduction workflow.


Rental Projectors


Barco’s high-brightness rental projectors are specifically designed to create a stunning show on every occasion.  Rental projectors come with a range of 3-chip DLP® lamp and laser phosphor projectors, which are the perfect projectors when it comes to large venues and events, allowing users the chance to cover a large spectrum of brightness levels, ranging from 8,000 up to 75,000 lumens.

Several of Barco’s rental projectors include:

These and many more from a vast selection of Barco rental projectors can be found at  www.barco.com/en/.


Simulation Projectors



Barco’s simulation projectors which include the FS70-W6 and the FL40-WU, are made to answer the demands of the training and simulation industry. Barco has developed a complete range of dedicated projectors that work to offer different resolutions, features and illumination technologies.


Virtual Reality Projectors


If a user’s taste is more in line with that of the virtual realm, then Barco’s range of high-quality stereoscopic Virtual reality projectors offer a combination of the highest available resolution, superb image quality, and high 3D stereo flexibility. Several of Barco’s virtual reality projectors like the XDL-4K60 and the XDL-4K30 feature a variety of specific functions that make them ideally suitable for VR installations.

In Conclusion

Barco has spent its 85-year history developing some of the finest digital projection and imaging technology available ranging from projectors, LED displays, video walls, and many more products to choose from.

For more information on Barco and their projectors, then check out: www.barco.com/en/.