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Biamp’s Community Loudspeakers Deliver Fantastic AV Experiences

Earlier this July 2019, Biamp acquired Audioprof Group International, which is the parent company of both Apart Audio and Community Loudspeakers. As a well-established and respected manufacturer of a broad range of premium speakers, Community Loudspeakers develops a variety of loudspeakers that specifically targets demanding indoor and outdoor applications.
As a leading provider of professional AV equipment, Biamp is well-equipped in providing a variety of applications that include conferencing, paging, and video. Biamp equipment manages and delivers immersive AV experiences on a global scale. Now that it has joined forces with Community Loudspeakers, the company will continue to succeed in its ability to elevate the listening experience for a variety of medium-to-large sized applications.

Biamp Community Outdoor Loud Speakers

One notable brand of Biamp’s Community Loudspeakers is that of their WR series Outdoor Loudspeakers. Biamp Systems’ WR outdoor loudspeakers successfully offer high performance in their ability to function as high output modular loudspeaker systems with discreet styling in weather-resistant enclosures.



Some of Biamp’s outdoor loudspeaker models are the IC6-1062WR and the IC6-1082WR. Both, along with additional models, are specifically designed to support the goals of systems integrators and consultants that are in need of very compact loudspeakers with an exceptional quality of near field fidelity for foreground or background music applications and articulate voice projection with very high output capabilities for fill and distributed applications.



Additional Biamp Outdoor Loud Speakers include models such as:

These and many more Outdoor Loudspeakers make up the Biamp I SERIES (WR), and when discussing this particular series in further detail, it is important to note that it is made up of several categories such as:

For more information on the various types of Biamp’s Community Loudspeakers, then check out www.communitypro.com/products.


Biamp’s Future With Community Loudspeakers And Audio Apart


Biamp President, CEO/co-Chairman, Rashid Skaf


Any union between businesses, although challenging, can be an exciting professional endeavor. In the case of Biamp, Community loudspeakers, and Apart Audio, Biamp President, CEO/co-Chairman, Rashid Skaf couldn’t have been more excited when he stated that, “I am tremendously excited to complete this transaction. Building a comprehensive lineup of speakers has been a priority of mine as we move to position Biamp as a full line provider of professional audiovisual solutions. Acquiring Apart Audio and Community Loudspeakers was my preferred route to accomplishing that quickly with incredibly strong and respected brands. The many products added to our portfolio give us powerful positions in several key growth markets for Biamp — most notably retail, hospitality, restaurants, stadiums, and outdoor venues. With this move, Biamp has clearly established itself as a leader in the pro AV market.”

Aside from Rashid Skaf’s excitement, Apart Audio CEO, Kris Vermuyten expressed a similar sentiment when elaborating on his hopes for the union with Biamp and Community loudspeakers by saying, “I am thrilled that Community Loudspeakers and Apart Audio are joining the Biamp family. The great product complementarity and geographical fit strengthen my belief that we are now part of one of the strongest and most respected AV solutions providers and that we will be able to offer best in class solutions to our channel partners and end users. I want to thank 3d Investors for their hands-on support and guidance during the last ten years that helped our company grow into a worldwide installed sound specialist.”


In Conclusion



Biamp’s manufacturing process works in several phases, which include:

  • An initial DSP design and engineering development
  • Prototyping and fabrication
  • In-depth testing and quality assurance

Through this process, Biamp is able to manage everything. This only results in shorter lead times, faster responses, and increased convenience and satisfaction for their clients and customers. The company’s core mission is to deliver an unmatched level of innovation, quality, and reliability in the AV projects they tackle. They work hard to deliver a quality product experience.

Biamp’s application engineers, customer service team, and regional managers are always there to serve their customers, regardless of whether the focus of their assistance is directed towards designing a specific system or answering a basic technical question. When it comes to Biamp, they’re never short on efficiency and expertise. After all, they are a leading supplier of professional audio and video solutions, and their goal of building AV systems that make their customers look, and sound great is done by delivering an unmatched level of innovation, quality, and reliability in the projects they tackle.

For More Information On Biamp, Community Loudspeakers, Apart Audio, and Audioprof Group International, then visit www.biamp.com/biamp-systems.