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Bogen Communications Adds New Products to Standalone Portfolio


MAHWAH, New Jersey (March 10, 2022)  –  Bogen Communications LLC, a longstanding leader in commercial audio and voice communications technology, announces standalone feature functionality for three products, Nyquist Plenum-Rated VoIP Intercom Modules, Nyquist Plenum-Rated Integrated Amplifier, and VoIP Ceiling and Wall Baffle Speakers. The firmware update for Nyquist Plenum-Rated VoIP Intercom Module, Amplifier, and VoIP Ceiling and Wall Baffle Speaker allows the solutions to operate as standalone devices or Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) endpoints for IP-based paging applications.

Bogen Communications’ new firmware enables select Nyquist devices to operate as SIP compliant endpoints for VoIP phone system paging and networked managed audio applications or simply as standalone audio equipment. Bogen Communications’ Nyquist Plenum-Rated VoIP Intercom Modules, now available with standalone functionality, offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for transforming any low-impedance analog speakers into full-featured Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) IP speakers. Meanwhile, Bogen Communications’ VoIP Ceiling and Wall Baffle Speaker provides superior HD audio quality and seamless integration for commercial paging and audio distribution.

“Bogen Communications is committed to providing solutions that are simple and seamless to integrate with third-party solutions,” said Randall Lee, vice president of marketing and product management at Bogen Communications. “Our standalone functionality is another example of our investment in providing solutions that deliver a range of functionality and flexibility, such as SIP compliant endpoints for VoIP paging and network managed audio applications.”

These Nyquist devices incorporate the latest IP technology with network-based volume and DSP controls, combined SIP endpoint and priority-based multicast streaming functionality. The devices can integrate with any third-party VoIP telephone system or other SIP server-based solutions, such as a unified communications (UC) platform. To learn more about Bogen Communications’ standalone IP-based paging devices, please visit www.bogen.com/nyquist-standalone.

For more information regarding Bogen Communications, please visit www.bogen.com, or contact a regional sales representative. Keep up with the latest news from Bogen Communications on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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