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Check Out Schill’s New Patented IP67 Cable Drum



Any form of visual content a broadcaster creates has to be of the highest quality. The subject of the content has to be important. But the quality of how it is distributed is just as instrumental in reaching an audience, which is why any professional working in the broadcast industry needs only the finest set of tools and Schill can provide just that.


About Schill



For more than seven decades, Schill has stood for its quality, solid craftsmanship, as well its specialty in developing innovative products using great care and state-of-the-art production technology. Schill pursues the goal of always producing the best for its customers, and all of this came from the innovative thinking of its founder Otto Schill.

Schill has been producing cable drums and reels. The company also produce individual solutions and standard systems: stable plastic cable boxes for domestic use, robust cable drums made from special rubber or sheet steel for construction as well as motorized built-in cable drums for outside broadcast vans. When it comes to Schill’s product range, the inventory always satisfies a customer’s every need by providing innovative systems focusing on the fields of audio/video, broadcast, trade, and industry.

In 1948, engineer Otto Schill combined his technical abilities and his view towards the needs of the market to put together a small, portable cable drum. Doing so helped forge the cornerstone for the worldwide production of cable drums and for the innovative company that today still is characterized through that special pioneering spirit, the market orientation, and the closeness to customers. Since then Schill has established itself as a major name on the international global market. One of Schill’s most newly developed products is the patented IP67 cable drum.


Schill’s IP67 Cable Drum



The patented IP67 cable drum is perfectly suited for extreme cases. It doesn’t’ matter whether the situation involves water or electricity. Submersion won’t harm the cable drum and it is perfect for broadcasters in any environment. The IP67 cable drum is waterproof and it can go up to max 1m water depth and for over 30 minutes. Several electric tools/devices can be used simultaneously with the IP67 Cable drum and there will be no annoying replugging problems.

The IP67 Cable drum thermal switch grants it protection against overheating and fire damage where the unit turns itself off at excessively high temperatures. The cable drum also has a rotating hand crank feature that ensures it a smooth unwinding and winding of the cable. The locking brake helps with the handling of the cable reel during transportation and carrying.

All cable reels must meet many specific requirements. They must comply with DIN standards and withstand various wind/weather conditions.

For more information on the IP67 cable drum and all other cable reels, visit www.schill.de/en/products/ip67-cable-drum/.


Why Choose Schill



In addition to the IP67 cable drum, Schill makes the right cable reels for their user’s success. Schill’s mission is to provide users with the highest quality of cables, wires, pipes, and cable drums. The company’s cable drums serve as the solution for many different demands, which include working in the household, handicraft, in the industry, television and radio broadcasters, and also at events substantially easy.

In looking to Schill’s seventy-year legacy, the company’s early success came at an overwhelming rate in which product demand increased as did the number of employees. The product range also continuously developed itself. Products underwent enhancements and novelties set up new standards. It is these standards that have allowed Schill to not only vastly increase its customer base but also it’s range regarding radio, TV, and the video branch, which are becoming more and more important, both in Germany and all across the globe. Schill cable drums meet the requirements of the German Social Accident Insurance DGUV; DGUV Info 203-006 (BGI 608) and DGUV Info 203-005 (BGI 600 Category K2). The company’s headquarters and administration are situated in Fellbach near Stuttgart, and since 1968 the production facilities have been in Laichingen on the Swabian Jura.

For more information about Schill and their product line, visit www.schill.de/en/.




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