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Director Romain Quirot Beats Yesterday with Garmin’s Latest Campaign


New York, NY — (September 20, 2017) — In the latest global broadcast and digital campaign for Garmin’s new Vivoactive 3 smartwatch, LightHouse Films’ director Romain Quirot creates a world within our own by infusing reality with a touch of magic. An homage to the French director Jacques Demy and the visual style of Wes Anderson, this commercial plays out like a choreographed ballet as various characters effortlessly use their Vivoactive 3 smartwatch while the camera follows right along.

The spot opens on a girl running alongside the beach, then paying for a bottle of water with her smartwatch in one swift motion. We glide past the runner and are taken away by a group of matching cyclists who all look to their smartwatch in unison. The camera continues and we visit a peaceful yogi, focusing in on her watch’s low stress levels, when suddenly the stress levels surge, and we pull out to reveal a distressed dog walker being dragged by seven tiny dachshunds. A distracted waiter observes the scene, causing him to spill water over his guest’s waterproof smartwatch. We close with a man checking his rep count on a Venice Beach look-alike when an Uber alert conveniently pops up on the watch’s interface.

Thibaut Estellon, EP/Partner of LightHouse Films, says, “We were really excited to get this board from Garmin. Their team isn’t afraid to take bold creative risks, even on a campaign this large, which was truly refreshing. Romain was able to bring his incredible intuition for light visual comedy to this board, and successfully created a micro-world with his refined eye for art and talent direction.”

Matt Bowe, Creative Director for Garmin International, says that, “Romain and LightHouse were the perfect partners to bring this vision to life. We wanted to create a feeling of continuous movement and show a community of active people all “beating yesterday” in their own way. Romain’s fresh ideas and visual storytelling abilities helped us communicate Garmin’s breakthrough wearable technology in a fun, approachable way.”



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