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Enjoy intuitive, efficient video conferencing with the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro


Offering wireless screen sharing and superior-quality visual and sound, the UC S10 Pro is MAXHUB’s most exciting solution to virtual meetings yet, making team collaboration even easier in today’s hybrid working world.

Supercharge your meetings and conferences with the UC S10 Pro, a communication hub that allows for productive team collaboration and multitasking with fewer limitations than ever before. Launched by global instant teleconferencing and collaboration solutions provider MAXHUB, the UC S10 Pro is now available for purchase in your region.

MAXHUB developed the UC S10 Pro to solve many of the pain points today’s hybrid teams encounter. The system is easy to understand and set up, making it possible for everyone in the room to make their voice heard.

Simply start a meeting or conference with your preferred app and, within a minute, you’ll be ready to start sharing ideas. Without the hassle of getting the equipment to work or not hearing or seeing each other properly, your team can look forward to a productive, time- efficient meeting.

Wireless screen sharing, crisp video, and pro audio

Standout features of the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro include:

  • One-click wireless screen sharing of up to four screens, simplifying the task of working through documents and presentations as a team.
  • HDMI 2.0 4K camera output, delivering crisp video. Thanks to intelligent face recognition, a 120° field of view, and auto-framing in spaces of all sizes, all meeting participants are clearly visible.
  • Precision-engineered audio with built-in noise reduction, echo cancellation, and voice pickup over 8m, leading to fewer distractions.
  • An 8W speakerphone, which makes for easy conversation in rooms of various sizes, from home offices and huddle rooms to large meeting and conferencing venues.

“MAXHUB continually aims to create better team collaboration experiences, which is why we’ve become a world leader in unified communication solutions,” says MAXHUB General Manager Darren Lin. “The intuitive, easy-to-use UC S10 Pro allows for even greater flexibility and productivity than the UC S10 released in 2021.”

To learn more about the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro, please visit maxhub.com/en/ucs10- pro. For pricing and availability, email MAXHUB at sales@maxhub.com.


MAXHUB is the in-house brand of CVTE, the largest maker of interactive flat panel display. MAXHUB creates world-leading technology solutions, from all-in-one LEDs to unified communications and software technical support and service. MAXHUB embodies CVTE’s spirit of continuous innovation and commitment to real-world solutions that dramatically advance our ability to communicate and collaborate.


For more information, visit MAXHUB at www.maxhub.com/en.