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IBC Launch of GeoGuard Shield Product Suite Removes Geo-Piracy Threat


GeoGuard, the geo-piracy prevention experts, today announced that it is to launch the GeoGuard Shield product portfolio on the company’s debut IBC stand (14: M23).

The GeoGuard Shield product suite protects media owners and distributors against geo-piracy attacks enabled through using VPNs, proxies, Smart DNS proxies, tor nodes, account takeovers, credential stuffing and more. Global Web Index research shows that over a fifth of viewers have used a VPN to access content illegally, and the use of these methods is growing.

“The massive rise recently in VPN usage has been driven by the ability for users to fake, or spoof, their location and then gain access to content that would otherwise be geo-fenced,” said David Briggs, Chairman and Co-Founder of GeoGuard. “We call this illicit access to content ‘geo-piracy’. This is far from being a victimless crime – with billions of dollars, millions of jobs and the very future of the media and entertainment industries at risk. We are launching the GeoGuard Shield product suite to provide robust defences against geo-piracy and play an important role as the content industry continues to fight content piracy,” concluded Briggs.

Solutions in the GeoGuard Shield product suite combine comprehensive data coverage from the network of 250 million devices that GeoGuard software is already installed on alongside data from third party sources, such as databases of Wi-Fi IP addresses. These datasets are then analysed by GeoGuard’s fraud experts. With this insight and expertise GeoGuard is able to detect and block illicit attempts to access content via VPNs, DNS proxies and other specialist circumvention methods. GeoGuard Shield blocks over 100,000 new location fraud methods every month and analyses over 10 million transactions per day at up to 1,000 transactions per second with 300+ checks on every transaction.

GeoGuard’s software solution is based on technologies used and proven for the geo-protection of the heavily regulated banking and digital gaming industries and its technology is also third-party tested and studio-approved. The meticulous process and its proven track record mean that GeoGuard is capable of protecting the TV and media industry from the growing threat of geo-piracy.

Demos of the GeoGuard Shield Product Suite will be available at GeoGuard’s IBC stand.