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Leyard Provides Superb LED Video Wall Expertise



Leyard Optoelectronic is a public Chinese electronics manufacturer that produces LED products. Since its finding in 1995, Leyard has grown to become a worldwide global leader in the design, production, distribution, and service of digital displays, video walls, and visualization products.

The Leyard Group includes companies and brands such as

The combination of these companies is comprised of displays, entertainment, and lighting system solutions. Leyard provides vast marquee installations around the globe and it is the market leader in fine pitch LED display wall solutions. The company’s expertise in LED Video Displays and Planar’s decades of experience in video wall design innovation help to provide customers with a wide range of LED displays to meet the needs of a massive variety of applications. These applications range from very high-resolution indoor LED video walls to LED video wall solutions for the biggest outdoor public and sporting venues.


Leyard‘s LED Video Walls Provide Great Content



Leyard‘s direct view LED video wall technology is becoming an increasingly popular video wall solution. The success behind the LED Video Walls ranges from its seamless image, its scalability to any size or shape, as well as the excellent optical characteristics that make any video wall content look great from any angle. Leyard LED video wall solutions are able to meet the needs of nearly any LED video wall customer, and this is all thanks to advanced technology and design innovation.


Leyard‘s LED Video Wall Selection



Several of Leyard‘s LED Video walls include the Leyard® LED MultiTouch and Leyard ERO-LED.  The Leyard® LED MultiTouch functions as a completely seamless interactive LED video wall solution for select Leyard LED video wall lines. Leyard ERO-LED technology is designed for a more high-traffic based environment.



Additional examples of Leyard‘s Video Wall product selection include:

Along with these video wall products, Leyard has a Video Wall Calculator that allows users to configure custom LED and LCD video walls, design, visualize the video walls in real-world environments and download specification data to a much easier degree.



Leyard‘s video wall product line represents the best-in-class image performance with solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each application. Leyard‘s products are built for the most demanding environments and to meeting a customer’s exacting standards while offering unmatched performance, durability, and value across the company’s broad product offering. Configuration flexibility, serviceability, and reliability are the key components that successfully make Leyard a benchmark for specialty, digital displays, and systems.


The Leyard Group And Chinese Stock Market



The Leyard Group is headquartered in Beijing, China. It is traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which along with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, is one of two stock exchanges operating independently in the People’s Republic of China. This has been going on since the company’s transition from a privately owned company to that of a public one. 


In Conclusion


As the world’s premier display provider, Leyard treats display performance as a major requirement. Part of Leyard‘s thirty-year mission has been to provide customers with the ability to see: the data, the advertising, the movie, the presentation, and essentially the game. Their core mission isn’t solely about the technology when it is more about the customer’s needs and what they do with them. This philosophy is incorporated into the company’s entire product line.

For More Information on Leyard and it’s LED Video Walls, then check out: www.leyard.com/en/products/led-video-walls/.