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LightHouse Films Signs Director Anthony Pellino for U.S. Representation


Photo Courtesy of Anthony Pellino

New York, NY — (March 16, 2017) — New York based commercial production company LightHouse Films is excited to welcome director Anthony Pellino to their award winning roster of directors. Based in New York, Pellino brings a unique and riveting style of directing to the LightHouse team by constantly striving to convey raw emotion through a cinematically surreal, yet highly authentic approach to filmmaking.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Pellino has been steadily building a reputation for himself in the highly competitive field of sports and doc style commercials, while directing mesmerizing music videos as well. His commercial work is comprised of striking visuals centered around compelling subject matter that pushes boundaries while remaining raw and grounded. Pellino often frames the diligence and perseverance of an individual, creating work that exudes both emotional and physical intensity by delving into the lives of those who constantly push themselves.

His latest work for Lifetime Pictures, Welcome to the Fempire, epitomizes Pellino’s powerful storytelling techniques by focusing on the upbringing and accomplishments of Ibtihaj Muhammad. An Olympic fencer and bronze medalist for Team USA, she was the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab in the Olympics. A part of Fempire, a Lifetime series that strives to celebrate women who break barriers and defy stereotypes within their respective fields, this short doc offers a look into the life of an athlete helping to mold a more accepting world for women everywhere. Pellino complements Ibtihaj’s insightful interview with beautiful cinematography ranging from a portrait of Ibtihaj placing a fencing mask over her hijab, to dynamic visuals of Ibtihaj in practice, illustrating Pellino’s drive, original approach, and ability to craft stories that consistently balance hyper-realism and authenticity.

“We’re always excited to come across young directors with a singular vision and relevant stories to tell,” says Thibaut Estellon, Owner/Executive Producer of LightHouse Films, adding that, “Anthony not only offers an impressive portfolio with sought after brands such as Lifetime, Footaction and Spalding who entrusted him with major projects involving professional athletes, but also has a level of maturity and work ethic that makes him a true diamond in the rough.”

Lately, Pellino has been working on a short form documentary supported by LightHouse Films and Curfew, which focuses on a group of Chicago based young refugees who moved to America to make a better life for themselves and pursue their shared passion for soccer. A direct reflection of the current geopolitical environment, this new project exemplifies Pellino’s commitment to exploring relevant social issues in a creative and thought-provoking manner.

Estellon adds, “Anthony knows how to craft visceral stories that are not only exhilarating, but relatable. Stories that not only leave you in awe at the strength of another, but make you believe more in yourself as well. We’re so excited to support Anthony in his career, and are looking forward to a gratifying journey with him.”

In addition to Welcome to the Fempire, Pellino recently directed a commercial for Spalding’s True Believers campaign out of Walton Isaacson featuring Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers. Other work includes spots for Reebok, 2XU, The American Heart Association, and Footaction alongside notable agencies such as Publicis Health and Cohn & Wolfe.

“Narratively, I look towards stories that I consider genuine, honest, and most importantly, human,” says Pellino, adding that, “I’m really looking forward to expanding my work and developing a well-rounded portfolio that demonstrates what I hope to bring to film and commercials; excitement. I want my work to make viewers celebrate life itself.”



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