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Marquis Broadcast staff
Marquis Broadcast staff

Marquis Broadcast transforms its business with hybrid cloud production


Company aims to decouple people and operations from infrastructure and technical complexity

Marquis Broadcast staff

Paul Glasgow, Chris Steele and Simon Fearn, Marquis Broadcast

There’s been a big shift in the industry recently, from media producers talking about the cloud to actually starting to use it. Suddenly, Marquis is being called upon to help with proof-of-concepts that involve the cloud – whether private or public. Often this is around making the best of both cloud and traditional on-premise facilities, with hybrid workflows.

Over the last 12 months, Marquis Broadcast’s strategy has been to enable and accelerate hybrid and pure play cloud production, to make possible new, more efficient workflows and transform productions. As of now, it has almost completed this transformation, with its major products now supporting S3 and cloud compute when appropriate, with Project Parking and Workspace Backup also adding SwiftStack and Azure support.

Importantly, Marquis is 100% agnostic in terms of cloud platform choice, so its S3 cloud enablement programme has included an intensive testing and validation programme with Amazon, Dell EMC, Caringo, Cloudian, and IBM. Not only does this allow its customers to take advantage of low cost, performance and scalability of cloud storage, they can do so with their preferred vendor. Marquis can also support hybrid storage environments, providing the best choice of traditional storage alongside on-premise and in-cloud environments.

As Chris Steele, Managing Director of Marquis Broadcast, explains, “What sets us apart is our large library of off-the-shelf legacy and contemporary industry integrations. This means that most customers will already have technology that we can easily support, enabling us to transform workflows quickly with the lowest risk.”

“Probably the most valuable transformation is to decouple people and operations from infrastructure and technical complexity,” adds Paul Glasgow, Marquis’s Sales & Marketing Director. “This enables easy load-balancing of people and resources across geographies and time zones, making production workflows more efficient and effective.”

“Probably the most valuable transformation is to decouple people and operations from infrastructure and technical complexity.”
Paul Glasgow, Sales & Marketing Director, Marquis Broadcast

A single editor might want to share a project as part of a global workflow via S3 Object Storage with Solo Parking. Or enterprise-class disaster recovery protection might be required, using Workspace Backup to backup Avid® ISIS® or NEXIS™ systems to highly resilient cloud storage, enabling ultra-fast recovery with cloud-enabled project recovery tools.

Project Parking has become the industry gold standard for Avid storage management analytics   and project portability. Adding cloud storage simply transforms workflows, with the ability to archive or move Avid projects between systems and geographies simply and quickly. Thanks to Project Parking’s Avid ISIS/NEXIS analytics, no duplicate or orphaned media propagates into the cloud, further reducing cost and speed of operation.

Medway has also become cloud-enabled, allowing the most advanced cloud/ground workflows with advanced UHD transcoding. Simon Fearn, Marquis Broadcast’s Product Manager, explains the new benefits; “Medway uses partial file retrieval of cloud assets together with cloud compute ultra-advanced Avid project proxy relinking. This means anyone, anywhere, could upload content to the cloud, then have Medway deliver proxies to an Avid production environment. It’s a very efficient system.”

Marquis’s strategy has been to transform itself and its technology, actively enabling and accelerating industry change. Uniquely, the company offers a path of lowest risk and easy migration to cloud, from individual producer creators to the very largest of media enterprises.


For further information about Marquis Broadcast’s media and metadata products, please follow MarquisBcast on Facebook, MarquisBcast on Twitter, or visit marquisbroadcast.com.

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