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Medialooks Helps Indico Systems Move Hardware out of its Interview Rooms with MPlatform and WebRTC


Medialooks Helps Indico Systems Move Hardware out of its Interview Rooms with MPlatform and WebRTC

Improvements decrease hardware requirements and increase control options and productivity

Tallinn, Norway – October 31, 2019 — Indico Systems, developers of specialized recording systems based in Norway, recently turned to Medialooks – a prominent source for quick, easy and reliable Software Development Kits (SDK), to provide the tools they needed to implement a significant improvement to the Company’s latest release. Indico leveraged the flexibility and features of Medialooks’ MPlatform, including WebRTC, to build a new web-based control interface that allows multiple locations to be served from one room, decreasing hardware requirements, and increasing control options and productivity.

Indico’s solutions are used by many of the world’s largest police organizations, including: the Australian Federal Police, Greater Manchester Police, West Midlands Police and the Metropolitan Police Service (more commonly known as Scotland Yard), to record interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses. This update allows the recording hardware to be installed in one dedicated room equipped with proper security, power management and cooling, and serve multiple locations outfitted with IP cameras and microphones, eliminating the need for a recording box to be installed in every interrogation room.

Live streaming of the process is also available, which saves organizations time and money and leads to making decisions faster. The addition of WebRTC provides further benefits by allowing the system to deliver low latency previews to the browser.

According to Andrei Kravtsov, Indico’s CTO responsible for the Company’s software development, “We moved our software development to Medialooks’ MPlatfrom SDK several years ago and were surprised and pleased to find how flexible it is. We use most of the features in the SDK, and about 80% of the capabilities, and are using it for live streaming as well as for recording content. The team finds it very simple to learn and work with, and I find they are much more productive with it!”

Today, Indico’s product is an integrated client-server solution designed to be extremely intuitive in operation. It saves significant time and resources within police organizations and makes them more productive. With only two clicks the operator can edit, export or prepare a presentation for court. And as soon as the interview is over, it is automatically uploaded to the server and becomes searchable and accessible from any authorized workplace, even from other cities.

Kravtsov noted that one feature in particular is very valuable to Indico, “We especially like how we can find and play an earlier section of the interview while still recording into the same file.”

He concluded, “Reliability is key to our product’s operation. Data loss is unacceptable since there’s no way to repeat an interrogation. Medialooks’ SDK is reliable, functional and flexible. If there’s a problem, the software urgently alerts the user. We are very happy with MPlatform’s performance and our results.”

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