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Octopus Newsroom Americas: The Perfect Expansion System For The Broadcast Industry



In our current digital ecosystem, it’s no surprise to take into account how much more massive technology has made it. In fact, any professional in the broadcast industry can look to not just the loads of high-quality content they produce, but also the methods in which they can distribute that content. Octopus Newsroom Americas specializes in that area, as well as the overall expansion of it. Any professional within the broadcast industry capable of building a large audience can do more with Octopus and their digitally-focused newsroom production systems.


About Octopus Newsroom Americas



As one of the world’s most trusted and digitally-focused newsroom production systems, Octopus Newsroom Americas has been a leading producer of newsroom computer systems in the broadcast industry for over 20 years. The company develops and supplies MOS compliant solutions to TV and News stations, Radio, eSports, Sports, and WebTV channels on a worldwide scale.  The company’s passion has enabled its team to develop the latest technologies, predicting trends in the broadcast industry, as well as delivering the best 24/7 customer support available.

Octopus’s three new products will improve broadcasters’ news workflows significantly. These three new products include:

  • Octopus X
  • Octopus iReporter
  • Octopus Kör



The Octopus X News Production System



The Octopus X News production system is the company’s latest, innovative, multiplatform news production system. It supports linear and digital workflow equally well, and it allows for a broadcaster to prepare for news bulletins while being able to manage their social media channels from the same interface. The latest version of the Octopus X News production system also introduces AI capabilities with face recognition, a Journalist app for their field reporters, improved user interface, and much more.


The Octopus iReporter



The Octopus iReporter is a revolutionary platform that helps broadcast professionals to build a community of contributors and get unique footage from events, affairs, or happenings that matter the most to their viewers. Octopus iReporter allows a broadcast professional to engage their audience in a way where they can serve as more active participants. Basically, the iReporter allows the audience to work alongside the newsroom team in order to deliver authentic content much faster.


The Octopus Kör



The Octopus Kör is a brand new, cloud-based, collaboration, and planning tool from Octopus Newsroom. This tool is designed to help teams of all sizes and it improves their research and monitoring of all news feeds, daily, and long term planning. It also advances the whole collaboration within the news organization.

Learn more about the Octopus X, the Octopus iReporter, and the Octopus Kör by visiting www.octopus-news.com/en/features.


Why Choose Octopus Newsroom Americas?



Good questions and several good answers include:

  • Cross-platform client and server
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Work from mobile devices in the field
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Easy integration
  • Reliable, long-term partner

In addition to that, Octopus Newsroom Americas is just an awesome opportunity for broadcast professionals. The company was founded on the principle that journalists should enjoy making news. It’s indisputable because for anyone who works within the broadcasting industry, the major benefit of creating content comes not only from the technical work applied, but the sheer creativity of storytelling. The Octopus Newsroom produces the software that broadcasters use to deliver the fastest, most complete and interesting news in the world, and the fact that several of it’s most recently developed products allow for the audiences that broadcast professionals target to become active participants alone shows the potential that the system could bring to the broadcast industry. Expansion is key to the very foundation and growth of the broadcast industry, which should not only rely on technical applications, but also the people behind it. And with an opportunity where the audience can also enhance such a trend for growth proves just how much bigger the industry can become.

The latest Octopus newsroom system facilitates a uniquely intuitive and equally powerful digital or linear workflow. This helps newsrooms adapt to future digital trends. The Octopus system expedites real-time calendar-based editorial collaboration amongst news teams, from initial receipt of task notification to complete and advanced news rundown management. It is this type of progression that is needed for broadcasters to not only build better audiences but for them to build an even greater industry.

For more information on Octopus Newsroom Americas, visit www.octopus-news.com/en/.


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