Post Production Engineer


Position: Post Production Engineer
Location: Burbank CA US

Job Summary

Job Summary:

Post Production facility looking for an Avid-ACSR/IT/Post Production Engineer to oversee our editorial department consisting of Avid offline & Online Bays/ ISIS – Interplay, DaVinci Color Bays, Pro-Tools Bay, Fiber Switches, networking, VTRs, and other post production systems. You would be the main go to person for all issues pertaining to those systems. You are the last stop before calling Equipment Vendors directly. You will be responsible for maintaining systems, trouble shooting, training editors, creating workflows for incoming projects, build outs, moves, cabling, wiring basically anything that has to do with these systems. This individual will need to be able to perform tasks individually as well coordinate with other media operators in order to make sure all jobs are complete according to strict on-air broadcasting schedules.

Responsibilities and Duties

Job Requirements/Experience:

Must be Avid-ACSR certified.

Experience using FTP clients/Aspera to transfer files to and from clients.

Understanding of the encoding process.

Familiarity with FCP for tape ingestion and AVID.

Experience using various encoders, media encoder, fuze/clipster, vantage, etc.

Knowledge of various artifacts that can be introduced due to tape duplication as well as digital encoding.

Understanding of tape formats and the ability to operate and change formats on various VTRs.

Exceptional communication, both written and oral.

Aspera, Facilis/xSan/Linux/Win/Mac proficient. Know how to map drives across the network. Understand drive formats (NTFS, HFS, FAT32) and how to access them from multiple operating systems.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

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