Prysm Systems and DV Signage Gear Up for Hybrid Collaborative Space Market Growth in the UK

Milpitas, Calif. – May 18, 2021 – The workspace innovator DV Signage has formally tied up with Prysm Systems as the two companies prepare to launch a joint Collaboration-as-a-Service offering into the UK market.

DV Signage, a long term Prysm Systems partner across Asia, has been building high-end immersive collaborative spaces using Prysm Systems’ 6K LPD Prysm 135, 190 and 225 inch displays and content management solutions for world leading management consultancies and IT firms including EY, Deloitte, IBM and Accenture for more than five years.

Prysm Systems and DV Signage are now planning the launch of a joint UK purpose-driven, Collaboration-as-a-Service proposition as a direct response to the Work From Home (WFH) revolution. Post-pandemic business leaders face new challenges and opportunities in devising effective strategies for the burgeoning demand for hybrid (home and office/workplace) working, as the Blended Workplace concept takes shape.

Richard Cobbold, founder of DV Signage, explains the value of working more closely with Prysm Systems to ensure his firm meets changing workplace requirements as businesses consider how to respond to working practices after lockdown:

“The WFH revolution has all but eliminated the office requirement for designated workspace. By the same token staff no longer should be required to come to the office to do their work. Instead, we see firms re-imagining their offices as branded venues that stimulate, inspire and enhance group collaboration when employees do to come together.

“We are going to be building and operating state-of-the-art collaborative spaces – either for renovated and right-sized headquarters or new satellite locations closer to where clusters of their employees live.

“We ensure these spaces are highly accessible, we surround them with technical support and specialist training capability – and ensure that each and every time their teams get together, the purpose of that meeting is achieved, creativity is unlocked, deals get over the line, and those that cannot physically be there have the same quality, immersive experience as those that are.”

Prysm Systems’ seamless LPD screen canvases and collaboration software have proven to be extremely effective platform for enterprises to deliver transformative digital productivity. Their unique displays unfailingly impress prospects and customers; and the integrated software unlocks memorable collaborative experiences for employees and partner contractors alike. Its client list reads like a who’s who of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 businesses from Visa to Wipro, Michigan State University to global aerospace and pharmaceutical giants.

Prysm Systems is able to incorporate data from multiple sources – actively encouraging attendees to manipulate and interact directly with the information on their massive digital touch screens. By presenting audience members with the means to become personally involved and having each person immersed in the story, Prysm Systems enables organisations to take their meeting experience to a whole new and altogether more impressive and highly visual level.”

Tanvir Osama, VP EMEA at Prysm Systems added:

“It’s great to be deepening our partnership with DV Signage to enable us both to respond rapidly to the need to reshape the workplace in the UK and across Europe. Our joint proposition, to be launched next month, responds directly to the need for organisations to underpin their Hybrid Workspaces with enabling technology to ensure highly memorable, high impact immersive and effective team experiences.

“Whether you are looking to purchase or use our systems on demand, this initiative unlocks access to this technology for business of all sizes. We are now able to offer the benefits of these highly versatile state of the art collaborative experiences beyond the preserve of the Fortune 500.”



About DV Signage
DV Signage is a global digital transformation workspace innovator. It delivers high-end audio visual, robotics, mixed reality and smart building solutions to enhance digital productivity across the whole corporate campus.

DV Signage delivers end-to-end working with Architects to design the spaces, CIO teams to specify the technology, Civil teams to install the solution and Marketing teams to deliver sensational operational experiences.

DV Signage works from offices around the world, to ensure consistent, reliable long term digital productivity partnership and one-stop delivery to multi-national organisations across continents.

Founded in 2011, DV Signage cut its teeth in the retail interiors market using audio visual tools to develop engaging customer environments and drive purchase decisions. An invaluable grounding in both the power of clear, relevant digital communications and the management of truly global rollouts.

These guiding principles have underpinned a migration into the world of Corporate Customer Experience Showcases, Innovation Hubs and Operations Centres. Aligning with the very latest cutting edge tools and the highest quality architectural finish to seamlessly integrate the very best in technology, communications and automation. An approach that ensures we are able to deliver unique digital experiences, inspiring client journeys and transformative operation excellence.

About Prysm Systems
Prysm Systems Inc., is committed to developing and promoting large format display solutions using its proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) Technology. We have been delivering these highly immersive & engaging customer experiences to some of the world’s leading organizations for over 10 years. Our solutions combine industry-leading display technology and software that work together seamlessly to up-level the traditional uninspiring presentation experience in the room.

With a shared visualization canvas that allows interactivity, the in-room experience effortlessly extends to engage remote participants as well. As businesses continue to adapt and envision the best practices for moving the workplace forward, a complete solution that addresses both in-person and remote engagements is essential for their ever-changing business needs. Prysm Systems Inc. continues to lead the industry in these hybrid engagement solutions. Prysm Systems invented LPD technology in 2005 and it has been commercially available and globally deployed since 2010. Prysm Systems Inc. has a worldwide presence with our global headquarters in Silicon Valley. Learn more at