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Prysm Systems Revolutionizes Large-Format Displays with the 225” Interactive LPD 6K Series


Prysm Systems Inc., a leading provider of large-format laser phosphor displays that create unrivaled immersion and engagement, announces the 225-inch LPD 6K, an interactive large-format display with a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams and bezels. Powered by the Prysm Application Suite, the LPD 6K empowers collaboration and elevates presentations by enabling users to present multiple content platforms and third-party applications into one display solution.

Prysm Systems has revolutionized the concept of transporting and integrating large-format displays by creating a bezel-free, seamless picture with a rollable front panel that can fit into virtually any room with a standard door. As displays become larger, Prysm Systems has streamlined large-format video displays while providing a high-quality, impact-resistant surface. The LPD 6K produces vivid colors presented in 7K resolution with a deep contrast to deliver stunning picture quality. With a 178-degree viewing angle, the high-quality display can be viewed at any distance or angle. It also reduces the traditional eye fatigue viewers experience to create an unparalleled experience.

With the Prysm Application Suite, users can maximize the technology by creating an interactive, durable touch-screen display that is specially formulated to offer smooth touch interaction. Prysm Application Suite is a digital workplace platform that unifies people, content and ideas to promote collaboration and elevate presentations. The platform combines video streams, web applications, documents, presentations and images from laptops, tablets or mobile devices.

“Large format displays typically have been hindered by high-power consumption and limited applicability,” said Roger Hajjar, Ph.D., chief technology officer of Prysm Systems. “Prysm Systems is transforming the large-format display industry by creating a high-quality solution with low-power consumption and scalability. As our screens become larger, we continue to incorporate seamless picture and bezel-free designs while promoting collaboration through a cloud-based interactive suite. The LPD 6K is designed to be an eye-catching focal point while promoting interaction across different environments.”

Designed for corporate, education, hospitality and retail environments, the LPD 6K offers brilliant luminance up close and far away, with a 90% fill factor for best-in-class sharpness and crisp fonts. It boasts superior energy efficiency and reliability to support sustainability and operating budgets. To learn more about the 225-inch LPD 6K Series, please visit www.prysmsystems.com/displays/lpd-6k-series/.

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About Prysm Systems
Prysm Systems Inc., is committed to developing and promoting large format display solutions using its proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. Prysm Systems has been delivering highly immersive and engaging customer experiences to some of the world’s leading organizations for over ten years. Prysm Systems’ solutions combine industry-leading display technology and software that work together seamlessly to up-level the traditional uninspiring presentation experience in the room. With a shared visualization canvas that allows interactivity, the in-room experience effortlessly extends to engage remote participants.

As businesses continue to adapt and envision the best practices for moving the workplace forward, a complete solution that addresses both in-person and remote engagements is essential for their ever-changing business needs. Prysm Systems Inc. continues to lead the industry in these hybrid engagement solutions. Prysm Systems invented LPD technology in 2005 and it has been commercially available and globally deployed for over a decade. With global headquarters in Silicon Valley, Prysm Systems Inc. has a worldwide presence. Learn more at prysmsystems.com.