Prysm Systems Streamlines Immersive Display Experience with All-In-One Single Room Solution

Milpitas, Calif. (October 4, 2021) — Prysm Systems Inc., a leading provider of large-format laser-phosphor displays that create unrivaled immersion and engagement, announces the All-In-One Single Room solution, a simplified, on-premise deployment designed to streamline customer data privacy and security. The All-In-One provides customers with a preconfigured system that delivers an immersive experience — enhancing collaboration between in-person and remote participants.

The All-In-One is the latest addition to the Prysm Application Suite family of products. This pre-configured software/appliance package includes a collaboration server and a front-end client software automated by Prysm Systems to streamline and simplify on-site installation for customers. The All-In-One appliance utilizes a unique USB device to provide a superior level of data security. The solution comes with a single room license and up to 10 user licenses that allow the users to log in via the primary display or web browser. The All-In-One features persistent project data to enable users to easily access action items or previous meeting notes ahead of the next meeting.

“The All-In-One deployment is simple and requires very few administrative steps to utilize the collaboration solution,” said Sreeni Garlapati, chief information officer and vice president of customer success for Prysm Systems. “Designed for boardrooms, customer-experience centers, training rooms, and network and security operations centers, the All-In-One also provides an optional configuration called Launch+ that enables users to utilize third-party applications — such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and others — in the Prysm Systems workspace. By enabling in-person and remote teams to streamline meetings and presentations, the All-In-One powers the future of collaboration.”

Coupled with a durable touch-screen display, a bezel-free, seamless picture and a rollable design, the All-In-One commissioning powerful visual elements and collaboration through engaging presentations with a simplified user experience. To learn more about the All-In-One, please visit

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About Prysm Systems Inc.
Prysm Systems Inc. is committed to developing and promoting large-format display solutions using its proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. Prysm Systems has been delivering highly immersive and engaging customer experiences to some of the world’s leading organizations for over 10 years. Prysm Systems’ solutions combine industry-leading display technology and software that work together seamlessly to level up the traditional uninspiring presentation experience in the room. With a shared visualization canvas that promotes interactivity, the in-room experience effortlessly extends to engage remote participants.

As businesses continue to adapt and envision the best practices for moving the workplace forward, a complete solution that addresses both in-person and remote engagement is essential. Prysm Systems Inc. continues to lead the industry in hybrid-engagement solutions. Prysm Systems invented LPD technology in 2005, and it has been commercially available and globally deployed for over a decade. In addition to its global headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley, Prysm Systems has a worldwide presence. Learn more at