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Samsung certifies VuWall PAK’s compatibility with The Wall


Samsung’s video wall processing certification programme ensures VuWall’s PAK delivers seamless interoperability and an optimised visualisation experience with The Wall MicroLED displays.

Samsung has certified VuWall’s PAK Video Wall Node Series for use with its MicroLED technology, The Wall.

Throughout the certification process, Samsung and VuWall have focused on the simplicity of the design and deployment of video wall projects, offering integrators a “control room in-a-box” solution.

In addition to signal compatibility, the certification also verifies the ability to manage non-standard resolutions, aspect ratios and communications with The Wall, while maintaining outstanding picture quality and control over image parameters such as brightness and contrast.

VuWall’s PAK offers a way to deploy and manage modular video walls in AV-over-IP environments. Managed by the TRx software platform, it is a networked multi-decode node that can also operate efficiently as a stand-alone device. For large displays, PAK nodes can be easily stitched together to build an IP-based video wall that can function as a single large canvas. PAK simplifies video wall integration by reducing the need for long video cables and eliminating single points of failure to minimise risk and improve reliability.

Simon Jackson, vice president of display at Samsung Electronics Europe, said: “When we introduced the certification program last year, we collaborated with VuWall, as market leaders in the control room market, and set the standard for simplifying the design and deployment of video walls. We’re pleased to add VuWall’s latest PAK solution to our growing roster of certified devices that work out of the box with The Wall.”

Paul Vander Plaetse, founder and chief executive of VuWall, said: “Our goal is to continuously simplify control room design, which includes understanding how our solutions interact with the industry’s leading video wall displays. The Samsung certification programme is an invaluable service to integrators and control room operators who need to ensure that The Wall displays and other control room devices will work together flawlessly. PAK’s certification is not only another exciting benefit in its development but a testament to our commitment to interoperability and simplicity.”