Séura Introduces Best Ever Séura Shade Series™ Outdoor TVs

Séura Introduces Best Ever Séura Shade Series™ Outdoor TVs

Séura, an award-winning manufacturer of designer technology, announced a new product line at CEDIA 2018: The Séura Shade Series™ Outdoor TVs. The new Shade Series combines Séura’s characteristically elegant design with best-in-class picture quality, brightness and audio performance.

“Séura has been the technology and design leader in premium outdoor TVs for years. Our goal with this new line of TVs is to provide a better and more affordable entertainment solution for shaded outdoor living spaces,” said Gretchen Gilbertson, Séura Co-founder and CEO. “We’ve heard from our dealers that current shaded outdoor TV solutions aren’t always bright enough and lack good quality sound. We are solving these problems with this new line.”

Séura will be offering a full suite of sizes for the Shade Series with 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models, with a starting price point of $2,399. The full line will be 4K UHD and offers superior picture quality with HDR and 10-zone-dimming.

“Indoor TVs are a cheap alternative for outdoor spaces but are typically not certified for outdoor use and are poorly suited to withstanding outdoor conditions like heat, moisture, and humidity extremes. Using an indoor TV outside usually voids the warranty and delivers washed-out picture quality. Current outdoor TVs made for shaded areas are sometimes not bright enough and lack good quality sound for larger outdoor spaces,” explained Gilbertson. “We designed Séura Shade Series™ TVs to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, while delivering optimal brightness, picture quality, sound, and warranty protection at amazingly affordable prices. We are excited to hear dealers’ feedback this week at the CEDIA Expo.”

In comparison to the leading competitor’s full-shade outdoor displays, Séura Shade Series™ Outdoor TVs are 25% brighter with 2.5 times the audio output and twice the warranty. The front facing 50-watt RMS 2-channel speaker system that comes standard on the Shade Series fills large outdoor spaces with great quality sound that compliments the best-in-class display brightness and amazing picture quality.

To learn more, visit To see the new full line of Séura Outdoor TVs, visit Séura at CEDIA 2018 booth 5600.

About Séura

Séura is a designer technology company that designs and builds SMART Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Outdoor TVs and Lighted Mirrors for modern homes, hotels, and other commercial venues. Séura was founded in 2003 by Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson, who set out to bridge the gap between technology and design.

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