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Sonifex Promote Their New AVN-DIO20 Dante® to MADI AES3 64 Channel I/O Converter


Sonifex is showing a host of new Dante audio converters on stand 7M100 at ISE 2022.
The latest product released, the AVN-DIO20, is a MADI and AES3 to Dante bridging device allowing

MADI to connect bi-directionally with AoIP, together with 8 stereo channels of AES3.

The AVN-DIO20 takes a MADI feed, sample rate converts all 64 channels and places them on the Dante network, mapped using Dante Controller. It simultaneously takes the 64 channels mapped to the device on Dante Controller, optionally sample rate converts them, and transmits them on the MADI output. The unit accepts 8 stereo AES3 inputs and places them on the Dante network, replacing 16 of the selected MADI input channels. The unit also sends 8 stereo AES3 outputs which can be sourced from the Dante channels, in blocks of 16.

Combined with the existing AVN-DIO10 SDI to Dante embedder/de-embedder, these 2 products allow bidirectional conversion between SDI, MADI, AES and Dante.

If you don’t need to convert MADI, the new AVN-DIO19 Dante® to AES3 16 Channel I/O Converter is a subset of the AVN-DIO20, converting up to eight digital stereo AES3 inputs and eight digital stereo AES3 outputs to and from the Dante network.

The AVN-DIO20 accepts MADI signals from either a compatible SFP module or the coaxial BNC input. The input can be selected via the built-in web GUI or, by default, it will use an SFP module if it is inserted into the unit. The coaxial BNC output is disabled while the SFP is in use. There is also an additional automatic failover mode which, when selected, allows for automatic switching to the BNC input when the SFP signal is lost, providing glitch free audio redundancy.

It’s powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), using Neutrik EtherCON® connectors, with primary and secondary ports for power and data redundancy. The AVN-DIO20 uses the latest Audinate DanteTM chipsets so is AES67 and Dante Domain ManagerTM compliant.

A web interface is available for network and device settings, status information and firmware updates.