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Sound Control Technologies’ RemoteTableKit RTK-X57


Sound Control Technologies (SCT) Table Extension Kits are designed to bring you the inputs from the Poly codec backplane right to the table! The RTK-X57TM kit provides a reliable transparent link between the table devices and the connected Poly device.

By simplifying complex cabling and extending traditional distance limitations up to 100m, SCT’s extension kits provide integrators with cost and time saving solutions.


  • Extends power, control, USB, audio, video and Ethernet (PoE) over a standard CAT5e/CAT6 cable up to 100m.
  • Flexibility to power the modules from either the transmitter or receiver.
  • Table PoE support for Poly TC8 Touch Screen Controller
  • Supports Poly Studio Expansion Microphones
  • Bi-Directional Line-Level Audio Support
  • Simple Plug & Play installation, no programming required.
  • All hardware-specific connection cables are included.
  • PowerSniffer included for testing SCTLinkTM cable conductor continuity.
  • Integrator only required to provide a CAT5e/CAT6 SCTLinkTM Cable.