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In any creative assignment a broadcaster performs, there has to be a balance between the quality and the cost. Quality should always come out the winner, because letting quantity take the lead only spells disaster for a broadcaster when it comes to trying to build an audience. However, what if a broadcaster could strike a balance between managing viewer experience and costs? What if they could deliver high-quality content while still sticking to a budget that makes them less anxious? Well, that’s where SSIMWAVE Inc. comes into the picture. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a content owner, broadcaster, streaming service, or an aggregator (MVPD), SSIMWAVE Inc. can help accelerate your video delivery business.





SSIMWAVE Inc. helps users better understand the viewer’s experience. The company delivers the quality viewers expect while reducing costs. SSIMWAVE Inc. offers viewers more choice by helping them be more competitive in the streaming wars, validating HDR Video, balancing viewer experience and costs, fixing processing/delivery issues, increasing viewership, and improving monetization typical use cases.

SSIMWAVE Inc. can also help viewers with measuring the viewer experience across the whole delivery chain, source quality validation, VOD asset quality check, correlating viewer behavior with quality, detecting some of the hardest-to-catch subscriber frustrations (A/V sync, macro blocking, latency), profile ladder optimization, and HDR Quality. SSIMWAVE Inc.’s SSIMPLUS monitors video quality across all devices, resolutions, formats, networks, and services, 24/7. This software probes every stage of a user’s workflow or delivery chain.





The SSIMPLUS Solutions Include:


VOD Monitor Inspector


The VOD Inspector is the only video quality measurement software with the algorithm trusted by Hollywood. It can determine the best possible configurations for content creators, R&D groups, engineers, and architects who set up VOD encoding and processing workflows or make purchasing decisions.

The Vod Inspector’s algorithms are presented in a simple actionable interface. The VOD Monitor provides an at-a-glance comparison of multiple video settings with both a side-by-side visually synchronized interface and a multiple configurations table view. Having the Vod Inspector can help users accurately analyze and predict the end viewer’s display adaptive Viewer Score while automating comparisons through batch processing in the command line or visual interface.


SSIMPLUS® VOD Monitor Production


The SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Production is a cloud-based, cross-workflow quality assessment tool that handles asset volumes found in VOD production environments. This monitor can measure asset quality consistently across file-based video workflows and it does this by using the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score.


SSIMPLUS® Live Monitor


The SSIMPLUS Live Monitor consistently measures and identifies service issues that help pinpoint exactly where problems develop. The SSIMPLUS Live Monitor helps users guard against the degradation of video quality. Discounting the infrastructure and display, the SSIMPLUS Live Monitor addresses the industry’s need for a unified end-to-end system that analyzes and informs optimization to viewer experience and delivery efficiency. It enables operators to create a unified, end-to-end monitoring environment for Viewer Score, QoS, and regulatory compliance at a simple and cost-effective rate.

The SSIMPLUS Live Monitor provides End-to-end real-time monitoring and insights. It does this by using computationally efficient software-based probes. This allows the software to monitor video and audio quality at all five points in the content ecosystem, including Source; Encoding and Demux Output; Aggregator Output; Delivery Across the Demarcation Point; and Playout by End-User Devices. The software also offers the industry’s first real-time independent monitoring of encoders, which allows operators to secure the weakest link in the current ecosystem.

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Why Choose SSIMWAVE Inc.



Looking at the current state of video delivery and viewer intelligence, SSIMWAVE Inc. is paving a path for a more advanced future, especially with SSIMPLUS. This objective video quality assessment (VQA) is by far the most accurate measure of how people perceive video. Through the use of modeling as well as the measurement of viewer experience at every stage of the digital video distribution system, broadcasters, streamers, and content creators are able to deliver the ultimate video experience to consumers on any screen.


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