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Telescript International’s Products Improve Quality Of Content Production



The content a broadcaster distributes isn’t determined just by the focus. It certainly is important for any creative to make sure that their brand has a unique message when reaching out to a target audience. But having the right toolset is just as important and a company like Telescript International understands the need for broadcasters to produce the highest quality of content production can deliver through their incredible line of products.


About Telescript International



In the 60 years since it was founded, Telescript International has provided professional teleprompting solutions on a global scale, and it was in the teleprompting industry long before computer-driven prompters and LED displays came into the game. This gave the Telescript team the flexibility needed to provide knowledge and hands-on experience to their customers. This level of expertise ranged from hardware to software. Telescript International is committed to providing its customers with the most reliable teleprompter products in the world, which consists of hardware that is made by hand in their shop and it is built to stand the test of time.


Telescript International Products

Telescript’s software is regarded as the most reliable in the industry by prompting professionals all over the world. Several items in their product line include:

  • The Telscript Fold and Go system
  • Telescript’s Two-Part Robotic Prompting System
  • Telescript’s Public Speaking/Presidential System
  • Telescript’s Expert 150-SDI / 190-SDI


1. The Fold And Go System



Telescript’s Fold & Go Prompting System has been an industry standard for field prompters. This product is designed to be set-up with minimal effort, and it uses a broadcast/studio-quality monitor. The Fold & Go Prompting System has all the professional inputs a broadcaster could need for any production with sizes ranging 12″, 15″ or 19″.


2. Telescript’s Two-Part Robotic Prompting System



The unique quality of Telescript’s Two-Part Robotic Prompting System comes from how it separates the inputs from the monitor housing, creating two lightweight parts. This type of design simplifies the process of achieving balance when mounting on robotic cameras where weight distribution is of utmost importance. The Robotic Prompting Monitors also includes multiple inputs and are high-bright enabled.


3. Telescript’s Public Speaking/Presidential System



The Public Speaking/Presidential System, which includes the Telescript PRS-150 and PRS-190 is designed to be an easy to transport, low profile, full-sized public speaking system. The displays measure a mere 2 inches thick and it practically disappears before the audience while offering the presenter with a large clear image of their text. When it is time to move on to the next venue or store the system away, a Telescript PRS system fits down into a single custom transport/storage case.


4. Telescript’s Expert 150-SDI / 190-SDI



This first fully-integrated system of its type provides users the largest, on-camera prompter monitor available in a fully integrated system. The Expert can easily be read at longer distances, and it comes with a 17″ SDI reference monitor, dual-color digit tally, and a dual-color on-board clock that can display time of day, timecode and count down, and count up times. All of Telescript’s prompter monitors and on-air reference monitors include multiple video feed options, including SDI. The Telescript’s Expert 150-SDI / 190-SDI requires no add-ons.


For more information on Telescript’s product line, visit telescript.com/products/.


Why Choose Telescript International



In its sixty-year legacy, Telscript International has served as a manufacturer of professional teleprompter equipment by supplying professional teleprompting solutions, from hardware to software. Whether it’s for the leader of the free world, heads of states all over the globe, CEOs, television stations, or live events, Telescript is the right choice for any user’s teleprompter needs. And by purchasing a Telescript product, customers will have access to some of the most knowledgeable people in the business, and this can be from any recommendation on what prompting system works best for them, or what particular software best suits their needs, tech support on any hardware or software product. Over the course of operation, Telescipt has fine-tuned its business through the use of invaluable feedback from its extensive customer base, which includes broadcast professionals whose content needs were met all thanks to the company’s stellar product line.

For more information about Telescript International, visit telescript.com/.


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