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The IPX Series Has The Best Transceivers On The Market



The IPX series is comprised of 4K UHD transceivers that maintain the foundational features from its predecessors, while equally carrying additional enhancements of modern styling and upgraded high-resolution visual displays. When it comes to high-quality power and connection, the IPX series is the ideal solution for all types of applications.

Several of these applications can range from:

  • Broadcasting
  • Live events
  • Medical
  • Governmental/Military
  • Command and Control


IPX Series Features And Models



The IPX Series harbors the most advanced SDVoE solution on the market. Not only do these 10Gbps 4K UHD transceivers have zero frame latency with a range of 100us without scaling and 3ms with scaling, but they also have little to no compression. This ratio can range from a low 1.3:1 compression @ 4K60 4:4:4. The IPX series offers many solutions such as IPX Speakers, IPX Visual Displays, and the IPX IP-to-Analog Gateway.


IPX Series Speakers



The IPX Series IP-Speaker’s availability ranges in several models. These models are specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of various installation types. All of the IP-speaker models utilize a high fidelity 8″ speaker along with an integrated microphone that is included for full-duplex communication. The IPX series speakers are the chosen solution for commercial environments with thousands of installations that include:

  • Corporate enterprise settings
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Industrial factories
  • Airports
  • Healthcare facilities

The IPX speakers help to maintain a safe work environment with industry-leading VoIP solutions, while effectively using communication systems.

Several IPX Speaker Models include:

These as well additional models are what make the IPX series the ideal solution for all types of applications


IPX Visual Displays



The IPX Series Visual Displays are made to work in spaces where they may not require a traditional speaker. However, these displays do in fact require visual communication via the integrated LCD screen and LED flashers. IPX Series display models are also available with built-in speakers that help facilitate general paging or emergency messaging in locations like hallways.

Models from the IP based and ADA compliant displays extend notifications with
effective visual text alerts for high ambient noise or large spaces. Several of these display models include:


IPX IP-to-Analog Gateway


The IPX Series IP-To-Analog Gateways are perfect for connecting and controlling analog devices to a network system. By connecting to this system, the IPX Series IP-To-Analog Gateways allow for a network connection of the gateway for audio and messaging transmission to analog amplifiers and speakers. This further allows for greater coverage in areas that an IP speaker alone can’t cover.

Several The IPX Series IP-To-Analog Gateway models include:

All these models are easy to install and they offer accurate/high output-performance.

IPX Series IPBaseT Manager

Along with the additional IPX Series Models such as:

  • The IP-24PoE+
  • The IPX-TC3-WP
  • The IPX-TC3-Pro
  • The IPX-TC3
  • The IPX-TC2

The IPBaseT Manager is an all in one control application specifically designed for the IPX series. As an intuitive piece of software, the IPBaseT Manager allows for simple drag-and-drop signal routing. It also includes powerful utilities for configuring and managing a user’s IPBaseT system.

If a user has 5 or 500 IPBaseT transceivers on their network, then having an IPBaseT Manager can initially simplify the setup process. The IPBaseT Manager can allow a user to open with their favorite spreadsheet editor and quickly define complete configuration for each device they use.  A user can also save a file and import it back into the IPBaseT Manager, which will then send out configuration details to all units on the network.

The IPBaseT Manager also includes a variety of other features such as:

  • Simple video wall setup
  • Video preview routing
  • Picture-in-picture/Multi-image processing setup
  • An EDID editor

What makes the IPBaseT Manager a unique piece of software for the IPX series is that it provides breakaway routing for audio, serial, IR, and USB. It also manages to provide batch firmware updating, which makes for an all-in-one solution for managing IPBaseT installations.

In Conclusion

The IP endpoint category is undergoing an evolution, and that evolution is the IPX series. Through its high-resolution quality, the IPX series has proven to be the best SDVoE solution out there.

For More Information On the IPX Series, then check out: www.atlasied.com/ipx-series-overview.