TitanTV Inc. Data Services Help Broadcasters Reach And Build Bigger Audiences


As the broadcast industry continues to undergo a substantial amount of growth, so does the technology behind the success of the broadcasters who depend on it to increase both the effectiveness of their brand and the very audience they build from it. For over two decades, TitanTv Inc. has served the broadcast industry as its foremost online software and information provider, and it’s Data services have enhanced its ability to help increase the bond between broadcaster and audience.


About TitanTv Inc.



Since its launch in 2000, TitanTV Inc.‘s mission has been to provide television viewers with consistent, high-quality program and channel information. The company’s product line guarantees that businesses serving those viewers can manage and deliver such information in the most efficient way possible. In the process of that, TitanTV Inc. has delivered real-time tools for signal prediction, PSIP metadata, desktop and mobile guides, and more. TitanTV Inc. has also provided broadcasters with a suite of schedule tools for OTA, OTT, and NextGen TV that enables them to efficiently maintain their schedules, regardless if for a single station or in a “Central Command” scenario in a station group where one station is responsible for maintaining the schedules of many others. The company also maintains the consumer sites,, a free online television guide, and, which is a site dedicated to enabling consumers to discover the number of over-the-air channels available from local broadcasters and how to choose the correct antenna to receive them.


TitanTv Inc. Data Services



TitanTv Inc. offers its users several professional and custom services that help their business succeed. These services range from a wide assortment of tools that have been designed for television broadcasters, satellite TV, Cable, and Over-The-Top (OTT) providers. These same services can also be tailored to meet a user’s business goals.

When it comes to TitanTv Inc.’s Data services, they provide broadcasters with the most trusted source for over-the-air, cable, satellite, and live streaming TV listings. In the 20 years since its inception, TitanTv’s line of products have proved to be cutting edge in the areas of electronic program guides and TV data. The company’s Data Services supply users with accurate and flexible listings that help guide their audiences through the ever-changing world of television programming. One key enabling technology from TitanTv Inc. is that of its Household-level data, which is based on their proven Signal Strength Service (SPS).

TitanTv Inc’s data services offer established user base & brand recognition, real-time broadcaster updates, national level OTA – cable and satellite lineups, multiple data formats, and custom web services. Part of those data services includes TitanTv’s MediaStar Suite of program schedule management tool, where over 900 stations are able to make last-minute changes to their daily schedule. The MediaStar suite of program management tools also provides a one-step publishing process, which along with updating PSIP data, also updates a station’s TitanTV Guide services and the national listings guide at MediaStar Suite is customized to interact with MediaStar PSIP, which enables station personnel to plan, change, and publish their base schedule in real-time. MediaStar PSIP is available for delivery in a variety of formats, which include the industry benchmark, PMCP (Programming Metadata Communication Protocol).

Also included in the Data Services is that of rich media content that works to enhance and encourage a more active experience on guides. Rich Media will include

  • Show Cards
  • Program images
  • Cast & crew information

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Why Choose TitanTv Inc.



The more technology evolves, the more the broadcast industry grows. TitanTv Inc. and broadcasting go hand in hand, which propels for a much greater impact in which a broadcaster will have when promoting their brand and increasing the size of their audience. In the twenty years that an independent leading provider like TitanTv Inc. has been around, the broadcast industry has been supplied with the kind of online software and information services/products that simplified the ways in which broadcasters have delivered and managed their content on a technical level, while even simplifying the means in which they do it for their audiences.

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