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Xilica® Joins NSCA to Educate Integrators Through Pivot To Profit


Xilica® leads business transformation discussions throughout NSCA’s 2020 Pivot to Profit Virtual (2020 P2Pv) thought-leadership campaign, will offer exclusive discount to virtual event for P2Pv registrants

Toronto, August 31, 2020 — Xilica® is proud to announce its sponsorship of NSCA’s 2020 Pivot to Profit Virtual event (2020 P2Pv)and its companion year-long platform for helping integrators through business transformation conversations at a critical market juncture.

To support integrators as they evolve in a constantly changing market, Pivot to Profit began in 2016 as a two-day event focused onall-important business-transformation strategies, such as shifting to service business models and identifying revenue opportunities related to emerging technologies.

Change accelerated in 2020 as businesses battle through the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, NSCA’s Pivot to Profit evolves to take on an even more critical role in driving business transformation for integrators as they identify their value amid the “new normal.”

Pivot to Profit is now a year-long business transformation campaign highlighted by a two-day virtual conference. NSCA, along with sponsors like Xilica, present the P2Pv Series of business transformation resources to drive critical discussions before, during, and after the virtual event.

“NSCA is extremely careful about the company we keep,” says NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson. “For Pivot to Profit, we choose sponsors that reflect our objectives to help integration companies and support the channel. Our 2020 P2Pv sponsors are well-positioned to lead conversations and educate integrators about how to battle through COVID-19 business recovery and position themselves for long-term success.”

Accelerating Change to Reboot Business

Xilica has become an NSCA sponsor at a time of aggressive global growth for the company, according to CEO Donny Chow. This includes the hiring of well-known industry thought leaders, several of which have become active content contributors for NSCA’s virtual event and newsletters. The latter will be an especially important strategy for Xilica as the company amplifies its AV and IT value proposition for the commercial integration sector.

“The professional AV industry’s commercial integration sector is consistently challenged as they navigate emerging technologies, changing business models, and an acceleration away from circuit-based to IP-networked topologies,” says Chow. “The NSCA provides a direct outlet to communicate with this audience on a global basis, and we are proud to support their efforts in representing commercial integrators worldwide.”

Throughout the 2020 P2P campaign, Xilica will join NSCA in providing resources – articles, videos, whitepapers, webinars, and more – addressing pivotal business transformation topics in 2020. Registration for the two-day event is $99. Xilica is offering a discount exclusively for P2Pv registrants. Register today at www.nsca.org/p2p-2020-registration/ to access the deal. For more information, contact NSCA at 800.446.6722 or visit www.nsca.org/p2p.

About Xilica

Xilica® is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, next-generation digital signal processing solutions for AV/IT control and command applications including conference, corporate, hospitality and leisure, retail and transportation. From its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Xilica sells and supports products worldwide in over 75 countries, gaining rapid acknowledgement for its all-modular, ultra-small-format and high-performance product ranges that solve critical business challenges.

About NSCA

NSCA is the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial low-voltage electronic systems industry. NSCA is a powerful advocate for all who work within the low-voltage industry, including systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, architects, specifying engineers, and other allied professionals. NSCA is dedicated to serving its contractor members and all channel stakeholders through advocacy, education, member services, and networking designed to improve business performance. For more information, visit www.nsca.org.