AVer CAM520 Pro3 Receives Certification for Microsoft Teams

AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, announces the CAM520 Pro3, a professional-grade, full high-definition conferencing camera, has been Certified for Microsoft Teams. As a result, users can expect an enhanced user experience with high-quality performance when pairing the CAM520 Pro3 with Teams.

The CAM520 Pro3 is the first PTZ camera to integrate AVer’s Smart Composition, an embedded AI function that quickly captures meeting participants’ images to facilitate productive video conferences. AVer’s CAM520 Pro3 is equipped with a 12X optical lens and a total zoom capability of 36X to offer wide-angle shots with an expansive 80.5-degree diagonal field of view. Its versatile pan and tilt controls enable rapid focus adjustment on presenters, attendees, whiteboard content, or objects up to 65 feet away.

“AVer is dedicated to broadening our lineup of Certified for Microsoft Teams devices, emphasizing our relationship with Microsoft, and providing our end users with intuitive, feature-rich collaboration tools,” said Carl Harvell, US Director of Product for Enterprise for AVer USA. “The CAM520 Pro3 includes robust enterprise-grade capabilities with AI functionality, delivering a flexible and user-friendly solution for hybrid meetings in medium to large conference settings. With further features, users can anticipate an enhanced, streamlined experience to seamlessly integrate with Teams.”

“High-performance video conference cameras are essential for improving collaboration in meeting rooms,” said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft. “The AI and advanced PTZ tracking features of the CAM520 Pro3, now Certified for Microsoft Teams, significantly enhance the meeting experience for all participants.”

The CAM520 Pro3 incorporates intelligent functionalities, including AVer SmartFrame, Preset Framing and Smart Composition. SmartFrame intelligently frames participants, ensuring optimal head space and image quality automatically. Preset Framing efficiently tracks presenters within predefined zones, delivering exceptional clarity to remote viewers. Smart Composition seamlessly integrates headshots and half-body views, transitioning smoothly from individual to group visuals. With Sony WDR technology and an advanced eight-megapixel sensor optimized for low-light conditions, the CAM520 Pro3 delivers remarkable image quality.

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