AVer Reveals its First Ever Conferencing Room Content Camera

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of conferencing room camera solutions, today reveals its first ever conferencing room content camera. The CAM130 Content Camera is an unprecedented addition to any virtual conferencing room, offering clear imaging and special features to support the quality sharing of whiteboard or flat panel display content in virtual meetings.

The CAM130 Content Camera together with the optional wall stand deliver flexible installation options for different sizes of conference room and whiteboard and AVer camera technology ensures a crystal-clear image of all whiteboard and IFP content for remote-side participants. The CAM130 Content Camera takes virtual meetings to the next level with reliable high-quality content sharing.

With all-new ideas comes all-new functionality, and the CAM130 Content Camera is no exception:

        • Keystone Correction: A game-changing innovation, Keystone Correction is the AI process the CAM130 uses together with Microsoft Teams to flatten the view of a whiteboard, no matter the angle. The only requirement is to have all four corners in-frame.
        • AI Content Enhancement: In addition to the CAM130’s high quality sensors, AI content enhancement provided when using Microsoft Teams means that content in meetings has never been clearer. Share content such as graphs, charts, or writing in real time during virtual meetings like never before.
        • Wide Compatibility: Thanks to Microsoft Teams compatibility, AI functions like Keystone Correction and AI Content Enhancement can be easily applied whether using the desktop version of Teams or the app version.
        • Adjustable Whiteboard Mount: The purposefully designed CAM130 Content Camera AVer Whiteboard Mount delivers broad compatibility with all sizes of whiteboards and offers easy use and adjustability to fit into any situation.

The CAM130 Content Camera finally delivers meeting rooms with a quality and purpose-made content sharing device, offering businesses the meetings they need – full of bright faces with AVer USB Conferencing Cameras and clear content with the AVer CAM130 Content Camera.