Bogen Communications Unveils Nyquist Software Versions 5.0 and 8.0 to Enhance Audio Paging and Distribution

Bogen Communications LLC, a longstanding leader in commercial audio and voice communications technology, announces Nyquist E7000 Version 8.0 and Nyquist C4000 Version 5.0 software releases. The Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000 are state-of-the-art, IP-based paging and intercom solutions that leverage the latest software technologies and third-party integrations to address the fast-evolving safety and security challenges of both education and commercial paging and audio distribution applications.

Nyquist C4000 Version 5.0 and Nyquist E7000 8.0 both include Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP Support to empower customers to securely manage their user credentials, such as login names and passwords, to operate the system through centralized management and authentication. Both versions feature NQ-ZPMS Zone Paging Mic Station Support for hand-free paging on a vivid 10.1” color touchscreen control panel through an attached, flexible gooseneck microphone and 112 one-touch selection keys. Notably, the new software versions offer a sound masking functionality to enable more private conversations and eliminate distractions from surrounding conversations in business or school environments.

Uniquely, Nyquist C4000 5.0 features additional upgrades, including Routine Trigger: Amp-Protection-Mode, which automatically shares a notice anytime an amplifier shuts down from a safety trip. Users can customize their messages to receive them in multiple formats, including dashboard messages, email and audio messages.

“We are committed to providing our customers with enhancements to simplify their system operations,” said Randall Lee, vice president of marketing and product management at Bogen Communications. “Nyquist C4000 Version 5.0 and E7000 Version 8.0 include field-requested updates that empower our users to extend their capabilities with their system further. The latest software delivers simplified system configuration and a highly automated upgrade process, enabling customers to quickly deploy important new features. The safety and security of our customers is paramount; therefore, we continue to introduce new functionality that enhances their operations.”

Bogen Communications’ Nyquist E7000, designed specifically for educational environments, boasts new enhancements to simplify ease of use through Version 8.0. Bogen Communications has added Copy Schedule to Nyquist E7000 Version 8.0, which enables users to easily create new bell schedules from existing schedules to simplify assembling new and alternative announcements. Additionally, Version 8.0 includes Multi-Facility Routine Action to select a single facility or multiple facilities to simultaneously play an announcement across the desired locations as part of any Routine.

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