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#InfoComm19: The Awesome Center Stage Schedule! Day 1


#InfoComm2019 will be featuring an incredible Center Stage where industry innovators will be sharing informative sessions with no need to pre-register! Starting on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 through Friday, June 14, 2019 with the all sessions beginning at 10AM and running to 2:30PM each day, this is the place to be for FREE Educational sessions only at booth 3161 in Exhibit Hall.

Provided below are the scheduled sessions for Wednesday, June 12, 2019 that convention goers must check out! Take a break from the show floor and move toward booth 3161 Exhibit Hall, there are many to pick and choose from which will certainly highlight your day! Provided below, Day 1. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019:

10:00AM: Using the Entire Retail Store as an AV Canvas for Content : Retailers are looking for new ways to tell their brand story, and AV provides a flexible canvas to help deliver that message throughout an in-store experience. How are audio, video and content being integrated in new, more seamless ways throughout a retail space? How are shoppers’ expectations for a media-rich environment influencing store design? How can these spaces adapt and change with new technology and social trends?

10:30AM: How Online Brands are Changing Brick-and-Mortar Retail : As more online-only brands build physical stores, they are helping to reinvent the retail experience. What does the store of the future look like? Be careful not to just invest in buzzwords. Think about how digital components affect retailers’ ROI. What actually works when you build a digitally enabled store that’s not just a fad? What new ideas are coming from online brands? How does technology fit in? How can audio and video technology and content complement the other technologies used to streamline the new retail experience?

11:00AM: Crafting High-Performance Audio Environments for Hospitality  : Music selection and quality of sound are vital factors in how diners experience a restaurant. What factors influence music selection for major chains like Chipotle? How is a new awareness around brand identity shifting trends in music programming? How do design elements like concrete floors, windows, hard surfaces and open kitchens affect music selection? What about sound system and acoustic design? Are restaurants investing more in better quality sound and acoustics? How much influence does location have on music choice and audio system design?

11:30AM: 360 Degrees of Production : Experience designers and a major brand client provide an in-depth look at the full 360 degrees of production. Starting with the Front 180 of the audience experience, the session will highlight the new benchmarks for live events. This includes a look at audience expectations, immersion, experiential elements and innovative storytelling formats. Then the session turns to the Back 180 of the behind-the-scenes. What makes the production possible backstage? Discussion of modern agency and client collaboration, key roles, tools and technologies, and selling up to execs.

12:00Noon: Center Stage Meet The Experts : Networking and Q&A with Center Stage presenters Glen Abrams, Executive Producer, Left (Brain) RiGHt!; Julio Campos, Founder and Executive Creative Director, Campos Creative Works; Healey Cypher, CEO, Zivelo; Matt Emmi, Co-Founder, OneButton; Christopher Golub, President, Studio Orca; David Hoodis, CEO, Mood Media; Noah Waxman, Founder, Head of Strategy, Cactus; and Mark Williamson, VP, Head of Media Partnerships, Peapod Digital Labs.

1:00PM: Optimizing Digital Signage Design with Retail Behavioral Analytics : Retail behavior analytics provide the ultimate neutralizer of opinion. With the right data, subjective conversations about brand can be transformed into valuable discussions about what technology works and what doesn’t in the battle for shoppers’ attention. How can digital signage systems designers respond to analytics and help create a retail environment that leads to sales? How do you build a system that can generate useful analytics? A look at the context, customer and customer factors that determine the impact of digital signage in the retail environment.

1:30PM: Speech Intelligibility in Large Rooms – Voice Lift with Ceiling Array Microphones at a Fortune 500 Company : Maximizing usage of real estate is a top priority within most enterprises. Multipurpose rooms with movable furniture are becoming standard and other large spaces are serving double duty for town halls and other gatherings. But presenters and participants can’t hear each other, especially Q&A. Ceiling microphones are preferred over running around with a handheld mic, but most AV designers don’t dare promise to do voice lift using them, even in a well-behaved room. Would you try voice lift in a large cafeteria using 18 ceiling array mics? Bizco Technologies did at Union Pacific’s headquarters. What did it take to design and commission such a risky endeavor? What were the expectations of the customer and what were the results? What challenges arose?

2:00PM: Death of the AV Design Engineer : Outside the AV industry, folks don’t quite understand what an AV Design Engineer is. Turns out, neither does the AV industry. Two folks from the Google AV Engineering Design team and one chief operating officer from an AV integration firm explain how looking at the role with a different lens will lead to new possibilities for your career and your organization. Understand the concept of a full stack engineer, and how the previous understanding of a design engineer needs to change. Discuss the new concepts of what an AV Design Engineer needs to be in 2019 and beyond.

2:30PM: Center Stage Meet the Experts : Networking and Q&A with Center Stage presenters John Arpino, CTS-D, Manager Audiovisual Design, Google; Laura Davis-Taylor, Co-Founder, HighStreet Collective; Joe Miklovic, AV Design Engineer, Google; and Adrian Weidmann, Managing Director, StoreStream Metrics.

Center Stage Sponsors include: Platinum level – Mvix / Samsung/ Shure and Gold level- Dolby Voice / LG / Phillips. As we move forward toward the convention, AVBeat will provide additional session information for days two and three.

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