Interaction.Works Revolutionizes Collaboration Rooms with Prysm Systems Large Format, Interactive Display

Milpitas, Calif. (March 29, 2022) — Interaction.Works is a cutting-edge, collaboration-as-a-service space in the heart of Central London. Located on Imperial College London’s Campus West, Interaction.Works was designed as a space to spark the creativity, insight, innovation or connection that working together brings. Interaction.Works shares facilities with the Imperial Business School and the unique Scale Space business community.

“Imperial College is one of the world’s top universities,” said Richard Cobbold, chief operating officer of DV Signage and director of Interaction.Works. “They have a business school at Campus West and they have created a partnership enterprise with Blenheim Chalcot called Scale Space, which helps small companies scale up. It provides access to venture capital and industry experts to kickstart the many technology companies coming out of Imperial College. At Interaction.Works, we wanted to create the ideal environment to bring teams together to collaborate, train, innovate, build social cohesion and drive business excellence.”

DV Signage led the technology design and integration at Interaction.Works. Today, they continue to manage the day-to-day of Interaction.Works’ Collaboration Room, a joint partnership with DV Signage, Prysm Systems and Scale Space. “Our Collaboration Room features amazing technology components that are typically only available to Fortune 500 companies,” noted Cobbold. “These technologies are a significant investment and often out of reach for a startup. The key component of the Collaboration Room is Prysm Systems 190-inch LPD 6K display. It’s probably the largest touchscreen in London. It’s seamless and provides a beautiful, vivid color display. It’s a ‘Wow’ factor for anyone that visits the space.”

Prysm Systems fuels a new approach to collaboration and high impact communication and presentation. The LPD 6K Series canvas creates a digital workplace platform that unifies people, content and ideas. Enabling business professionals and creatives to work together to solve problems and communicate critical ideas, this multipurpose display empowers collaboration and elevates presentations by allowing users to simultaneously interact with live data, images, videos, browsers and whiteboards whether they are in the room or working remotely through cloud hosting.Prysm Systems’ products are essential to perfecting the hybrid workspace and connecting people like never before.

“We have been working with Prysm Systems for a long time,” said Cobbold. “We are one of their largest customers in the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve developed many exciting spaces and applications with Prysm Systems. We wanted to take our success with Prysm Systems and bring it to the United Kingdom. We got involved with Interaction.Works to showcase the capabilities of Prysm Systems. It is truly the future of collaboration for hybrid collaboration and co-working.”

Cobbold added, “At Interaction.Works, we’ve been able to integrate Prysm Systems as a tool that fuels collaboration and communication. It gets people up and off their feet to work together to solve problems, be innovative and think outside the box. It also enables remote workers to access the same content as the in-person team. Rather than a static presentation, teams can fuel their creativity in a new and exciting way. If people are going to return to work or the office, we need to make the most of their time. Prysm Systems LPD 6K displays enable a new form of hybrid and blended co-working by enabling local and remote teams to connect over purpose-built collaboration spaces within a building. Today’s workforce is looking for things that are different and innovative.”

Interaction.Works has taken the traditional co-working space to a new level by creating the world’s first collaboration-as-a-service space. Combining cutting-edge large scale collaboration technologies with professional facilitators and accredited training programs, Interaction.Works optimize business outcomes and enhance digital productivity in the new normal. “Co-working started as a few hot desks in an empty space,” noted Cobbold. “The pandemic has forced co-working to evolve into a more functional space. The next generation of co-working will focus on technology, especially technology that is typically out of reach for the everyday business professional. We see it being much more tech-enabled because people want to collaborate effectively and have these go-to spaces where effective meetings can happen. That is a positive outcome from the Interaction.Works experiment. We have the opportunity to showcase the future of the workspace and collaboration through Prysm Systems 190-inch LPD 6K. Prysm Systems’ technology is so special, and we’re thrilled to introduce people to the capabilities of their technology each day.”

Prysm Systems transforms the large-format display industry by creating a high-quality solution with low-power consumption and scalability. As displays become larger, Prysm Systems has streamlined large-format video displays while providing a high-quality, impact-resistant surface. The LPD 6K produces vivid colors presented in 7K resolution with a deep contrast to deliver stunning picture quality. With a 178-degree viewing angle, the high-quality display can be viewed at any distance or angle. It also reduces the traditional eye fatigue viewers experience to create an unparalleled experience.

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