Utelogy Continues to Expand its Utelligence Program for A/V Device Standardization by Partnering with NETIO Products

April 18, 2024

Utelogy Corporation, a prominent provider of connected workspace management, monitoring, and analytics software, is delighted to announce the expansion of its Utelligence Program for A/V and UC Device Standardization with the integration of NETIO products. This partnership with the European producer of intelligent PDUs and power solutions will integrate NETIO’s entire line of innovative power distribution units (PDUs) into the Utelogy software ecosystem, facilitating seamless control over third-party power devices and ensuring constant reliable service through remote management capabilities.

The integration promises to bolster AV system stability across various environments such as meeting rooms, museums, retail spaces, and more, with NETIO PDUs being manageable within the Utelogy platform. This includes applications like motion-activated device control and scheduled power management for lighting and advertising displays. NETIO’s product suite, compatible with global power standards and available in multiple form-factors, is designed to enhance power efficiency and operational stability via advanced consumption analytics and Watchdog features.

The FlatPDU series by NETIO stands out for its unobtrusive design that simplifies the remote management of power for television setups. Jan Rehak, NETIO’s founder, is excited about the seamless integration with the Utelogy platform, which empowers end-users with superior control over the power outputs of various AV products. “This collaboration not only allows us to better enter the crucial North American market with a strong and influential brand but also facilitates the smooth management and monitoring of power in connected educational and professional spaces, enhancing the experience for our customers through their preferred systems,” Rehak commented.

Through this partnership with NETIO products, Utelogy is continuing to innovate and deliver exceptional value to its customers.

“This partnership allows us to open new avenues for power management within our platform, extending control to previously unsupported devices. This collaboration underscores our dedication to enhancing user experience and operational efficiency through strategic technological integrations,” said Nicole Corbin, Vice President of Business Operation at Utelogy.