AVer Introduces VC520 Pro3 Combining Professional-Grade Camera and Speakerphone

AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, announces the VC520 Pro3, a professional-grade video conferencing solution combining a high-quality camera and speakerphone. Designed for medium-to-large meeting rooms, the VC520 Pro3 features a pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) design to elevate video conferencing experiences.

AVer’s VC520 Pro3 features a 12X optical lens and a 36X total zoom, including 24X lossless zoom for exceptional clarity in remote communication. Users can capture wide-angle shots with an 80-degree diagonal field of view and flexible pan and tilt controls to quickly focus on presenters, attendees, whiteboard content or physical objects. What distinguishes the VC520 Pro3 is the connectivity through a single USB cable, making the installation process simple and a perfect option for BYOD or dedicated PC scenarios. The VC520 Pro3 accommodates two expansion speakerphones, or a full-duplex microphone set to provide equitable audio throughout medium-to-large conference rooms.

“The VC520 Pro3 delivers advanced features, such as SmartFrame, Preset Framing and Smart Composition that enhance collaboration,” said Carl Harvell, Director of Product/ODM+SIU for AVer USA. “Notably, AVer’s Smart Composition, which is included in the VC520 Pro3, is a newly introduced, click-to-play feature that requires no additional programming. Designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s business professionals, the VC520 Pro3 promotes a seamless, plug-and-play experience to deliver exceptional connectivity to accelerate collaboration.”

The VC520 Pro3 boasts many intelligent features, such as AVer SmartFrame, Preset Framing, Smart Composition, and a Sony WDR sensor. With SmartFrame, the VC520 Pro3 automatically focuses on participants, working effortlessly from an impressive distance up to 22-feet away. Additionally, Preset Framing efficiently follows presenters through preset areas to deliver outstanding clarity to remote participants. The VC520 Pro3 integrates Smart Composition, an embedded AI function that quickly captures meeting participants’ images to facilitate productive video conferences. Smart Composition enables users to integrate headshots and half-body views easily, smoothly converting from an individual visual to a group image. Finally, the VC520 Pro3 includes stunning image quality with Sony WDR, a super-low-light eight-megapixel sensor, to offer crisp professional images and video in WDR. As a result, the VC520 Pro3 refines highlights, shadows, and white balance outstandingly, even in dimly lit environments.

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