Jetbuilt Introduces Integrated Client Portal to Fuel Communication

Jetbuilt, the global leader in AV project sales and management software, announces Portal, a dynamic resource for real-time communication and information sharing between integrators and clients. Portal, which was unveiled at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, will further ignite industry-wide collaboration among every industry professional.

Jetbuilt’s Portal enables integrators to share pertinent information, such as project status, drawings and designs, equipment manuals and other project details, within the Portal to provide an organized flow of communication. An integrator can update the project status as it moves from various phases, such as contract, engineering and installation, and eliminates client inquiries regarding the latest update on an ongoing project. The integrator and the client can communicate fluidly, asking questions and providing answers. For clients with multiple projects, the Client Portal provides a powerful resource to track the status of simultaneous projects and an individualized update for each project. During project installation, the client can track and validate tasks, while viewing images uploaded to Portal by the integrator.

Additionally, Portal provides an invaluable resource through project assets, allowing integrators to log serial numbers, IP addresses and other critical information that the client can access anytime. All this information is already stored in Jetbuilt. Instead of re-entering it into a third-party portal application, integrators can simply grant controlled and selective access to customers. The detailed project information eliminates double entry for an integrator and provides the client with a 24/7 resource for important information. After a project has been completed, the client can initiate a service request, which automatically queues a service ticket, and updates, discussions, scheduling and resolution tracking can be handled within Portal.

“The feedback we received at ISE 2024 regarding the launch of Portal was overwhelmingly positive,” said Paul Dexter, founder and chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “Many users emphasized the significant time savings achievable through their own client Portal. Previously, compiling all documentation and asset information at the conclusion of a project would consume hours or even days. Now, end users can access the same information without any additional time investment. Uniquely, users highlighted the potential for Portal to enhance their relationship with customers through ongoing, simplified communications.”

Dexter added, “Jetbuilt’s Portal is not something that Jetbuilt dreamed up, it is something that our users pleaded us for. Many of our customers discussed the value of streamlining updates, approvals, communication and deliverables with clients – We wanted to provide our users with another useful resource. By developing the Portal, we are providing convenience, organization, clarity and accuracy of information between an integrator and their customer. As a result, we’re eliminating the mundane process of copying and pasting content or files and delivering them across various means. Integrators can update their clients faster and more accurately through the Client Portal.”

Portal adds another layer of communication across various roles, specifically between an integrator and a client. A client can ask questions about a proposal, ongoing project or completed installation and the integrator is immediately notified and can efficiently respond within Jetbuilt. The platform-based communication thread allows an integrator and their clients to communicate fluidly in a unified, central location, meanwhile eliminating multiple threads of communications, such as emails, phone calls and messaging, and confusion between various communication platforms.

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