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Comrex Tech Can Help Broadcasters Build Better Audience Connections



The only thing more important than the content a broadcaster creates is their ability to connect with their audience. Comrex‘s specialty comes through its ability to design and build the type of equipment that uses the most advanced available technology to connect broadcasters with their audiences. In fact, several of Comrex‘s products help broadcasters further connect with their audiences. These products include:

  • The BRIC-Link II
  • The ACCESS NX Rack

These and many more of Comrex‘s inventory help build and maintain the c0nnections broadcasters need with the audiences their content focuses on.


About Comrex



For nearly sixty years, Comrex has served as the vanguard of technical development. It has made sufficient use of new and innovative technologies for both the radio and television industries, and this was well before they hit the mainstream. Comrex‘s ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codecs use sophisticated audio transmission technology to ensure reliable broadcasts over challenging IP networks. The company has continually refined its telephone hybrid technology with products like VH2. They have also made new ground with products like Opal.  Since 1961, Comrex has manufactured high-quality broadcast equipment and their ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codecs are used for a variety of audio transport applications, which include:

  • Sports play-by-play
  • Voiceover
  • Studio-transmitter links



Comrex’s LiveShot IP video codec is the industry’s only bonded cellular (or IP) offering that gives a user two-way video along with two IFBs that make it a complete live wireless newsgathering hardware-based solution. All Comrex codecs include CrossLock VPN Technology, which provides an unparalleled level of reliability for transmission of high-quality audio and/or video over the public Internet by employing bonding of multiple data channels, bonding or redundancy, and the industry’s most advanced Adaptive Management Engine.


Comrex‘s Products



When it comes to the connection broadcasters have with their audiences, Comrex‘s products more than simply fulfill this need.


Comrex‘s ACCESS NX


The ACCESS NX operates as an IP audio codec with enough flexibility to go anywhere. This device is designed from the ground up as a platform for CrossLock, and it had been optimized to send and receive high-quality audio over even the most marginal networks.

Additional features of the ACCESS NX include:

  • AAC family and Opus encoders
  • Use of Switchboard TS server included
  • CrossLock Technology
  • Two mic-line inputs
  • Optional 4-channel mixer
  • Two USB ports
  • 5-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Built-in battery – up to 6.5 hours of talk time (5 hours with mixer)

Learn more about the ACESS NX by visiting www.comrex.com/products/access-nx-ip-audio-codec/.


Comrex‘s BRIC-Link II



The BRIC-Link II is a low-cost, high-performance solution for audio-to-IP conversion. And much like the BRIC-Link that preceded it, the BRIC-Link II provides an elegant way of moving linear or compressed audio with very low delay. The BRIC-Link II can be easily deployed over a wide range of IP links. Although this device carries an entry-level cost, it still manages to maintain superb audio specifications and hardware reliability. This makes the system perfect for studio-to-transmitter links (STLs) and other mission-critical applications.

In speaking about the BRIC-Link II’s capabilities, Brent Seltzer from The Brent & Meg Show, Genesis Communications said, “There are so many things to do in a show, there’s just certain equipment you don’t want to think about. You want to know your microphone works, you want to know your mixer is working, and you want to know your codec is reliable. The BRIC-Link runs so smoothly, I haven’t thought about it in a year until yesterday when I remembered I was supposed to speak to you.”

Additional features of the BRIC-LINK II include:

  • Works on a variety of data networks: T1/E1, ISM Band IP Radios, Satellite, WANs and LANs, public Internet connections
  • Low delay – less than 25mS in linear modes, less than 30mS in FLAC modes
  • Codecs – Stereo and mono linear mode, FLAC modes, AAC/HE-AAC modes, Opus, G.722 and G.711
  • Web-based user interface
  • Small size – 2 BRIC-Link IIs occupy 1U of rack space
  • Streaming server capabilities
  • Contact closure cable sold separately

Learn more about Comrex‘s BRIC-LINK II by visiting www.comrex.com/products/bric-link-ii-ip-audio-codec/.


Comrex‘s ACCESS NX Rack



For over fifteen years, the Comrex ACCESS Rackmount has become an industry standard. The ACCESS NX Rack features completely redesigned hardware, which allows for AES67, AES3 or analog audio I/O. This device can be connected to both Wi-Fi and 4G modems. It also supports various connection protocols and audio encoders and it is driven via a new HTML5-based web user interface. The ACCESS NX Rack is backward-compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs and the Comrex FieldTap smartphone app.

More features of the ACCESS NX Rack include:

  • AES67, AES3 and Analog audio I/O
  • New web-based user interface
  • EBU 3326/SIP mode for compatibility

Learn more about the ACCESS NX Rack by visiting www.comrex.com/products/access-nx-rack-ip-audio-codec/.


Comrex‘s Mission

Comrex’s company mission enables them to embolden broadcasters to focus on their programming instead of their equipment. Their goal is to build the necessary equipment that is easy for broadcasters to use and with enough bulletproof performance. Comrex stays at the forefront of technology, and it is this dedication that has allowed for them to build that same technology, which has helped professionals working within the broadcast industry to build better connections with their audiences.

For more information about Comrex, visit www.comrex.com/.


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