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DesignLED’s Simulation System And Broadcast Studio Deliver Better Entertainment And Creativity



If the broadcast industry is an indication of how far entertainment has come, then the simulation system of DesignLED Technology Corp is only proof of how much further it can go. Any form of creativity is an experiment and a simulation is the perfect expression of such an experiment along with the many advances in broadcasting that the company has and continues to make as an industry leader in the field of LED.


About DesignLED Technology Corp



DesignLED Technology Corp operates as an industry leader in innovative LED applications. The company supplies many of the world’s leading electronics and entertainment companies with high-end, high-quality LED solutions. For over 20 years, DesignLED has been designing and developing LED applications and their brand name has become synonymous with quality and state of the art technology.

DesignLED offers a wide range of products, which include:

  • Flexible LED screens
  • Immersive LED Dome solution
  • 3D LED Globe/Sphere solution
  • Mini-LED
  • Cabinet LED screens
  • Custom LED solution

These and more make up DesignLED’s inventory, but the real catch of their technological innovative expertise lies with their simulation system.


What Is A Simulation?




For those unfamiliar with the concept, a simulation is an approximate imitation of the operation of a process or system. A simulation first requires for a model to be developed. This model has to be a well-defined description of the simulated subject with equal representation of its core characteristics. These main characteristics include the behavior, functions, and abstract/physical properties of the model because it represents the system. The simulation represents its operation over time.

A simulation is used in many contexts, and this can range from a simulation of technology for performance optimization, safety engineering, testing, training, education, or the simulation used in video games. The LED simulation system vastly outperforms projector-based solutions in the areas of contrast, brightness, reliability, and lifespan.


The LED Simulation System



When it comes to the LED simulation system, it’s focus centers on the entertainment, aviation, gaming, and science industries. The LED simulation system’s display has a level of immersion that can go up to 360 degrees. This can result in a very high resolution of up to 1.2mm and 1.56mm for a simulation system, and it will not suffer any loss of image information or a lack of reality. The LED simulation system also provides fixed alignment, no drift, no sightline issues, and no warm-up time.

Learn more About the LED simulation system by visiting designledpro.com/simulation/.


DesignLED Broadcast Studio



DesignLED’s broadcast studio demands a higher level of LED display technology, and limitations only delay the work of designers and the creations they design for TV Studios. Several of DesingLED’s products such as the AmFlexPro, the AmFlex series, Flexible LED screens offer designers a greater range of creative possibilities when wanting to design a stunning TV Studio room with a better form of visualization.

The AmFlexPro, AmFlex Series,  and the Flexible LED video screen feature a single architecture across all three pitches and mounting options, system control, and power management. This ensures flexible led screens that fit different applications and environments without limits. The AmFlexPro and AmFlex Series are available with a redundant signal and power backup, which ensures a continuous operation without interruption. They also deliver excellent off-axis uniformity while advanced calibration provides maximum full color and brightness uniformity across even the largest video walls and this is through wide viewing angles more than 160 degrees. In addition to that, LED modules provide a concave and convex shape curved 16:9 aspect ratio video wall, perfectly fitting Full HD or Ultra HD content.

Learn more about DesignLED’s broadcast studio by visiting designledpro.com/solution/.

The creativity behind entertainment is important and a company like DesignLED Technology understands this through its work in broadcast and its experimentation in simulations. In its two decades of success, DesignLED Technology’s mission has been to create state of the art display technology specifically designed to make life more visual and more exciting for creatives working in the broadcast industry.

DesignLED’s high-end, high quality LED solutions are the formula behind their success and to learn more about them, visit designledpro.com/about/.


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