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Qligent’s Tool Set Can Help Broadcasters Improve Their Content Distribution



How a broadcaster delivers their content is just as important as the quality of the content itself. Qligent has the solution because as media and the many platforms emerging from the digital ecosystem rise, then so do the standards that allow it to be distributed more professionally.


About Qligent



Since, 2014, Qligent Inc. has succeeded as a global software developer and cloud service provider that specializes in the creation of leading-edge solutions for monitoring and the visualization of Media Quality of Service and Consumer Quality of Experience. Qligent’s formation came from the Tecom Group as a separate company. Tecom’s experience of customer service in the Broadcast and Telco markets, successfully executing custom workflow and network management projects goes back two decades, and in that time, the company has acquired considerable expertise in deploying broadcast and enterprise solutions.

Customer feedback has played a major role in the formation of  Qligent, as well as the broadcast industry’s need for a monitoring solution, which combines the key properties of an enterprise network management system with a direct correlation to the ever-expanding media distribution ecosystem. Qligent offers a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring, analysis, and visualization of media delivery, which a user can experience to a greater detail with its comprehensive tool set.


Qligent’s Tool Set




Qligent’s comprehensive toolset enables real-time broadcast compliance monitoring and reporting. Qligent software solutions measure a user’s ultimate quality of service (QoS) for RF signal, IP statistics, or OTT metrics, and its products prove performance and compliance from headend to viewer. A single customizable dashboard can aggregate a user’s quality and operational data, and when their specified thresholds fluctuate, real-time notifications will alert them of any necessary corrective action.

Qligent’s platform provides QoS, QoE, and compliance monitoring, recording, and match options. The tool set’s combination  includes:

  • Vision
  • Scan
  • Record
  • Point
  • Foresight
  • Dymos

1. Qligent Vision

The Qligent Vision platform ensures a user’s viewers the quality of experience. It accomplishes this by checking terrestrial, cable, satellite or IPTV networks for broadcast compliance at any point in the distribution chain. The platform also provides automated monitoring by exception and root-cause analysis.

2. Qligent Scan

Qligent’s Scan platform performs an analysis of the content from different sources and detects ad insertion mismatches and content rights violations. The platform also automates the discovery of any technical issues or errors within content workflows, which in turn then notifies operators for faster detection, isolation, and resolution of content mismatch problems. Qligent’s Scan verifies broadcast service delivery of advertisements and programming content.

3. Qligent Record

Qligent’s Record platform meets the critical requirements of regulators and advertisers to prove transmissions match their full playout schedule. This platform is able to provide broadcast monitoring, recording, and archiving tools for every feed a user monitors from off-air, cable, and satellite to the last mile. The Record platform also allows for the repurposing of content as well as compliance verification. It is also scalable from a single site to complex worldwide networks.

4. Qligent Point

The Qligent Point platform is useful for detecting intermittent issues. It relies on deep on-site broadcast compliance monitoring to troubleshooting specific locations along the distribution chain. The detailed root cause analysis includes multi-source 24/7 video, stream, and signal capture along a timeline.

5.  Qligent Foresight

Qligent Foresight uses big data, AI, and machine learning to aggregate data points from disparate sources that include CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRM, support ticket system, network monitoring systems, hardware monitoring systems, media asset management systems, and end-user devices. This allows it to make predictive analyses based on technical readings from systems and user behavior.

6. Qligent Dymos

Qligent’s Dymos platform provides live event originators the ability to leverage the convenience of cloud technology on a truly consumption-based cost structure. By launching and properly terminating the monitoring for live events in cloud instances guarantees that the cost of cloud computing are only accrued for the duration of the event monitoring, which beats the alternative of 24/7 monitoring.

For more information on Qligent’s toolset, visit www.qligent.com/products/products-overview/.


Why Qligent?



Qligent’s focus centers on providing innovative enterprise software solutions and cloud services covering media stream and content verification, which covers the full end-to-end distribution out to the end consumer. A unique capability of monitoring hundreds of parameters across thousands of locations unveils a true picture of the media experience being delivered across any singular or combined Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, Mobile, IPTV, or OTT network. Any broadcaster could highly benefit from such a vast level of innovative software, especially when it makes the process of content delivery that much easier.

For more information on Qligent, visit www.qligent.com/.


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