The 3,000nit XM310K Is Flanders Scientific, Inc’s Brightest HDR Monitor


If you were looking for a fantastic HDR monitor with high-quality 4k resolution, then Flanders Scientific, Inc. is a perfect place to look. For 12 years, this company has been making high-quality professional equipment for the broadcast and post-production industries. The 3,000nit XM310K HDR and SDR reference master monitor is just one of many pieces of equipment the company has made.


 Flanders Scientific Inc.’s XM310K



The XM310K is a 31″ true 4K resolution HDR and SDR reference master monitor equipped with professional 12Gbps SDI inputs. This monitor qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor with a peak luminance of 3000cd/m2, which supports both PQ and HLG EOTFs, multiple color gamut selections, and a contrast ratio in excess of 1,000,000:1, which make the XM310K ideal for a wide variety of demanding HDR workflows.


XM310K Connectivity



The XM310K ranges from its 12Gbps SDI connections, which greatly simplify room design by allowing the user to feed 4K and UHD signals to the display over a single cable. The XM310K also allows for Quad 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps SDI connectivity, which are supported in both 2SI and Square Division based variations. This is done to ensure compatibility with practically any type of 4K or UHD output. The XM310K also supports advanced 12bit 4:4:4 YCbCr, RGB, and XYZ signals, which set it apart from less advanced monitoring solutions.

Another feature of the XM310K and its connectivity can be found in its unique ability to simultaneously supply a clean 12G / 6G loop through and real-time down converted 3G or 1.5G output. Basically, any incoming single link 4K or UHD signals can be converted to 2K or HD outputs for downstream HD monitors or scopes, and this can be done without the need for any type of conversion equipment.

The XM310K monitor is a 4K resolution monitor (4096×2160) that supports full-screen viewing of HD, Ultra HD, and 4K content. It also reads payload ID (VPID) information that is embedded in SDI signals and it locks to the signal accordingly. The information can be temporarily displayed even if the format changes and upon any detection of those changes. This feature allows for a user to be sure that what they intend to output to the monitor is what the monitor receives. In addition to that, a VPID override toggle is also provided, and this helps the user to manually configure the monitor in the event that the payload ID may be missing or incorrect.


Additional features of the XM310K include:

  • Remote Control (Remotely toggle functions, switch inputs, and navigating the menu on Flanders Scientific monitors by using a Mac or PC’s keyboard, mouse, or control panel thanks to the IP Remote Utility)
  • Stream Deck (Easy configuration for use with the IP Remote Utility to trigger shortcuts)
  • Two Deinterlace Options (Interlaced video can be viewed with correct field order or by combing fields and display interlaced signals as progressive)
  • HD To UHD Upscaling (Displays HD content and it allows for accurate signal representation)
  • On-set Color Management (Direct compatibility with on-set color applications like LiveGrade Pro, Prelight, FireDay, and FirePlay for real-time color manipulation)
  • Multi-cam Monitoring (Enables simultaneous viewing of up to 4 genlocked HD feeds and can view any feed full screen as needed)

These are just some of the many features of the 3,000nit XM310K monitor.

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About Flanders Scientific Inc.



There can be no denying that as unique and as creatively innovative as the broadcast industry is, it would be vastly different without the support and technological applications of a provider like Flanders Scientific Inc. Since 2008, this company has developed and sold a wide array of innovative non-electrical studio and field products for Cinematography, Broadcast, Professional Video, and Photography applications. The XM310K is an HDR monitor with a peak luminance of 3000nits, which makes it one of the brightest commercially available professional HDR monitors out in the market.

Other items from Flander Scientific Inc.’s inventory of high-quality products and solutions include:

  • The 1,000nit capable XM311K HDR Mastering monitor
  • The large Format UHD OLED SDR Mastering Monitors
  • ScopeStream
  • DM170 Color Critical Monitor

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